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Below is information about the "The Lesbian Community" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:lesbians (16241)
Name:The Lesbian Community
About:This is the Blurty Lesbian Community. Please make yourself at home- you're very welcome here! Females of all ages (born or transgendered) are welcome to join. I do ask that you follow a few simple rules, though, for the safety and comfort of everyone.

1.) No flaming. If you must argue something out, it is requested that you take it into your personal journals, or into instant messaging. If you are attacked in this community, please contact me through either commenting in my journal or e-mailing me. I will take care of it. You get one warning for flaming or attacking another member, then you will be banned.

2.) About posting: Do Not post quizzes here. Those are to be kept to your own journal and/or communities that accept them. Most quizzes are ugly and merely clutter everything up. If you do post them, the entry will be deleted. Don't make entries just begging people to give you invitation codes for this or other journaling sites. Please don't post the 'please talk to me, my screenname is soandso' entries every day. They annoy many people, so keep them to a very bare minimum, m'kay?

3.) Please use the cut tag (it's described in the faq behind that link) if you are posting a large picture. Also use it if you are posting more than three small pictures. You won't get banned for not doing it, but it's a polite thing to do. So, please do so!

4.) Basic thing here. Just be nice! Be kind and mind your manners, and everything will run smoothly. :) Swearing is fine, graphic descriptions are okay as long as you don't go too far. Also, this isn't a heterosexual community *points to the name*. This community is for lesbians. Please keep boyfriend or husband stories to other communities, unless it relates to your [lesbian-related] point.

Have fun now, and get to posting! ;)
Interests:91: activism, advice, alternate lifestyles, angelina jolie, ani difranco, beauty, better than chocolate, bi, bi-curious, bicurious, bisexual, bisexuality, bound, boys don't cry, but i'm a cheerleader, butch, chasing amy, claire of the moon, clea duvall, coming out, community, desert hearts, discrimination, drew barrymore, ellen, femme, fire, foxfire, friends, gay, gay pride, gay rights, gia, girls, glbt, hate crimes, heavenly creatures, high art, homosexuality, homosexuals, i kiss girls, indigo girls, it's in the water, jodie foster, kate winslet, kiss, kisses, kissing, lesbian, lesbian websites, lesbianism, lesbians, lgb, lgbt, long hair, lost & delirious, love, madonna, melanie lynskey, melissa etheridge, mtf transexuals, mulholland drive, non-profit organization, pink, pride, pride parades, problems, purple, questioning, questioning sexuality, rainbows, repetition (replay), sex, sharleen spiteri, short hair, support, teenage, teenagers, teens, tegan and sara, the color purple, tori amos, understanding, vagina, when night is falling, willow and tara, wimmin, women, womyn, your friends and neighbors, ♀♀
Members:367: 0ctober_rain, 1confusedgirl, 1uckii, 22padnylem, 6paper_doll6, abfab, airmaxedshorty, aliceindream, alittle2ironic, amare12886, amlu, anaideia, anarchygrl72, anemicandsweet, angel419, angelkatie, antigone_ariel, anureejh, athenacalls, aut0psy59, babygirl2no1, bbkitty, beautiful_gurl, bedroomdancer, believe_me, big_tashi, bisexualgirl69, bitterxpills, bittrsweetdsign, bl33dromance, blazin_babii_c, bloodshot, bloody_kisser, bluecypher, blueyesisme, blueyesmile, bon, breakx, brighteyeddove, bright_eyes, bruisesonmyego, butterflybigirl, caitelin_xx, callthekiss1029, candiize, candycane_child, captain_howdy, cartoongirl, cat_lover_2002, cheeseslices, cherri_p0p, cherryxlixious, chidoll, chispa, chrislovescourt, cj, cleansemycolon, cloudberry, cobain_x_mortis, confusedlittle1, cramit, crazykatlady, crying_misery, cryptsmell, crystalviolet, crystal_visions, cuteforagirl, cutestuph87, cybergirl, daddydyke, dafireinside, dancingspirit, darkbutterfly26, death_rose, decay, deliriouslydre, dew1969, dezire2b1, de_roxanne, diseased, doggiedaddy, dragonfly_61420, dragons, drkredduckie, eightdesire, electric_sketch, elevenphoenix, emojunkie, empireofdirt666, ender434, endlessoblivion, epitonic, esoterica, esperanza, eurotrashgrrrl, evilruberduckie, evrsosweet, extinguished, faeriefacade, feelings4u, femmefaerie, femmefusion, fem_mohawk, fight2fly, flamingobastard, freaky78, freekiedeakie, fucktheworld, fukable_lesbo, funkytorigal, girl_kicker, girl_scout, gl0pop, glitterzen, glorybox, goddess_sparkle, gothicpixie, gothicprincess, gracie59, graveyrdflower, greyghost, greyscars, gutimbett, gwyn, hippo158, hollypop3370, homosexualcandy, hopelsslydvoted, hostilesymphony, hot4brian, hungerxpain, iamg0d, imamuzikjunkie, im_an_airplane, inapub, inchcafe, inkwarrior1776, insomniac23, internalvortex, i_kiss_girls, i_p_in_ur_pul, jadedsymphony, jaded_starly, jezzika666, kailoekmortal, kaleena04, kamakazimouse, kellroc, kindalemcknight, kisses2smooch, kittierokr, kittykat, knowledge216, kosmickitten00, kryzwhytgrl, lejoy, lesbianismrocks, lethality, let_me_save_you, lez, le_belle_baina, lilboibutch, lilkinkykitten, lilneko15, lil_sweets, liquidate, loaded_dice, lonelyd, lonelygirl76, loser411, lostrocket, lostsoul754, lost_emo_kidd, lovely_liz, lovesbytch, love_broke_me, lpink69tearzl, luba, luckilyimnerdy, luffzie, lukiimek, m180987, madcow, majandra719, makeyuloveme247, mandra143, marriageislove, mary_mo, me_and_japan, mh0466, midnyterosez, mindlessmie, mistressblueyez, misxfit, mokoi, moongodis, moontrip, morr, mort25, murderdolls_inc, muzikjunky, mwahz, myfigurefemale, myhaloburnsdeep, myhiddenlife1, mysticjayde, myzzib06, nana_baby720, nappyrainbow, naruto, natoya_360, naughtyllama, naughtyxbaby, nayxx, neonraver89, newtorainbows, nibblez, nkdcndngrl, not_pretty, nuwavehairdu, nyusha, ohwoeisme, oleannian, omeomi, oneemptythought, onenawtyangel, onlydreaming, oral101, oralmajik, othersideorain, pathetique, penguinpancake, pepsipunker, perfectly_clear, perfect_scars, piercedgoddess, piink_wh0re, pillow__fight, pinkhippos, pinkstarcxnt, poison2humans, politicalpunk, pretty_in_pink5, privacypolicy, pussygalore, pxnkyprep69, rabidbunny, radical_duckii, ragnarokkid825, rainbeau1620, rainblow, rainbowscars, ravenousmisery, raynedolli13, realitytwisted, rii0t_, riotpirate, rockinkittie, rock_on_gal, rooski, rubberrage, rynebowgarden, sageofrage, savejellybeans, saveme, saveztheday, seasonschanging, secondxchances, secretivecherry, senzafine, serjical_dew, severlytroubled, sexylocustygood, sexy_lesbian, shadysmiles, shakee, shoelacepoetry, shomeye, silencebleeds, silentconfessor, silver_dusted, simoner, simpleme, skipthepretense, solitarycomfort, soundscape, so_confused, special_needs, spik3d_ducki3x, squeenny, stagnatedgrad, starxdork, stellediluce, strangerwalking, supervixengrrl, sweetrugger, sweetwound, sweet_enmity, sweet_innocent3, tailsquirt2009, taliszanna, tasterainbows, tezuka_shinobu, the26road, theinnerme, therealdye, thevampireluna, thirty_2flavors, ticklemoose, ti_tan, toobutch4boys, tragicexistance, tragicxmemories, tsunamibomberx, two1dearus, twolipslover, uniquelypoetic, unnotiiced, unwound, urban_child, ustmej, vagina, vannahlovingirl, veni, vgal, violetextsi, vivrant, vixen_angel, weepsfordignity, well_yeahh, wildflowers, winni857, wolfsoul, wondering_, xanda, xbiggestxdork, xboundx, xcrazyfetishx, xdjstarburstx, xechoesx, xeverfreex, xgeronimo143x, xleftbehindx, xpalmreaderx, xplayboybunnyx, xrawx, xussiht, xxdcincubusamxx, xxlivengtodiexx, xxshootinstarxx, xxskittlesxx, xxstardancerxx, yeknomyknuf, yeknomyknuf2, yoursodumb, zilbee, zy_is_dead, _fortunefaded_, _icy_pudding_, _ims0geek, _piecesofme_, _rock_on6, _teenager, __corroded, __deadletters, __electrokittie, __pleasure
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