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Below is user information for s o y un p e r d e d o r. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:lenoredoll13 (336177)
Name:s o y un p e r d e d o r
Location:Birmingham, Alabama, United States
AOL IM:one artful msry (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:neuvermahlte (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:"If you were to find a shattered mirror, find all the pieces, all the shards and all the tiny chips, and have whatever skill and patience it took to put all that broken gladd back together so that it was complete once again, the restored mirror would still be spiderwebbed with cracks. It would still be a useless glued version of its former self, which could show only fragmented reflections of anyone looking into it. Some things are beyond repair."
-Elizabeth Wurtzel

I'm a boring person. You don't want to talk to me.
Interests:73: acid, addiction, alaina, ambien, antisocial, art, best friends, black cat, blood, bluntness, blushed, breakfast, clean, clear springs, coffee, crazy, dirty fingernails, disappear, drawing, dreaming, driving, expanding my mind, family guy, george carlin, hands, hateful words, heartbreaking memories, holding hands, incense, independent films, individualists, ink, insane, jack kerouac, jack off jill, laughing, learning, lenore, letters, libraries, literature, marlboro reds, me+you=nightmare, millie, mitch hedburg, music, my car, nicotine, open minds, pamela, pink nose, pregnancy, razors, reading, roman dirge, ross campell, scarling, shitdamn, smoke, spooked, stationwagons, the simpsons, thursday nights, truthful, v8 vs v6, valium, watching people, watercolors, wet moon series, wind chapped lips, wishful thinking, writing, x
Friends:5: cyanidekisses, ghostchild13, manicmikki, perfect_girl, xmanicmikkix
Friend of:3: cyanidekisses, ghostchild13, perfect_girl
Account type:Free User

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