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User:leelow (9058)
Name:Le Le Low
Website:my livejournal
Location:Harlan, Kentucky, United States
AOL IM:phoenixinflamesx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:xautumnsxmonologuex (Add User, Send Message)

the blood brothers are mad love yo♥

made by polkaxpattie

Uh, I hardly sleep. I have mood swings, my hair changes with them. I like alot of crap. I do a whole lot of nothing. I work at the movie theatre, and on my days off I'm usually there. I like it more than my house. I want to live in the bathroom. I'm very random. I hate tv but I love Adult Swim... I want to move to Japan.. - the end.

Wash your feminine side clean off.

I remember the day that I sold my smile to that nice couple who lost their first child. I threw in a set of sympathy, and a bucket of popcorn for the cemetary. But now my face is all fenced off, the sky is boarded up, the hills covered in drop cloth. How many chords till this song vomits out real love?

Donnie Darko is Love.
Interests:149: 1920-1959, 1984, 8-bit theater, 80s movies, a clockwork orange, action figures, adult swim, alexisonfire, american beauty, andy warhol, animal farm, apple juice, aqua teen hunger force, atreyu, b-movies, beetle juice, bettie page, black, body modification, books, braclets, caffeine, candy necklaces, carmike cinemas, cartoons, chasing amy, china, chinese food, christina ricci, chuck palahniuk, clark gable, clerks, coheed and cambria, comic books, converge, cowboy bebop, crazy hair, digital cameras, dinah washington, disney, dogma, donnie darko, dyed hair, edgar allen poe, edward gorey, edward scissorhands, elephant, ella fitzgerald, empire records, everytime i die, fishnets, flcl, fortune cookies, from autumn to ashes, gameboy, george orwell, ghost stories, ghost world, ghostbusters, gir, girl interrupted, glassjaw, godzilla, halloween, hardcore, harry potter, haunted houses, homestar runner, horror movies, hot hot heat, invader zim, j.k. rowling, jane russell, japan, jla, johnny depp, johnson city, jones soda, jthm, kevin smith, kill bill, king kong, kissing, little monsters, lola, lord of the rings, make up, mallrats, masters of the universe, meatwad, meganmeganmegan_1, messy hair, methodist mission, metric, mexican food, middlesboro, milk and cheese, monty python, moose tracks, movie night, mythology, not sleeping, occult, old nickelodeon shows, orange soda, photography, piercings, polka dots, potato bread, remembering never, robots!, salvador dali, science fiction, scifi channel, screamo, sealab 2021, shai hulud, short hair, slave labor comics, squee, star wars!!!!, stephen king, super nintendo, swing, syliva plath, tattoos, techno, the bell jar, the blood brothers, the dillinger escape plan, the faint, the goonies, the hobbit, the legend of zelda, the lost boys, the neverending story, the nightmare before christmas, the texas chainsaw massacre, the virgin suicides, thora birch, tim burton, urban legends, vampire hunter d, video games, vincet price, winona ryder, x-men, zip up hoodies, zombies
Friends:20: amberxdream, billyy, crash, daveysmyhero, dpreci8doptmism, ferg, iloveriggs, incubuspawn, leftovercrack, morbidly, movelikestatic, ohnovanity, sinistaredge, solitary_sin, strych9andtv, the_monkee, tryingtobreathe, wreckfantastic, xonelastcryx, _frozen_dream_
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