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User:leanor (346892)  
Website:Leanor's Journal
Bio: Hello, my name is Leanor, and I like writing novels, (or novelettes,) poetry, and short stories. I love reading Virginia Woolf (I want Mrs. Dalloway and a Room of One's Own for my birthday, and my favourite book is Orlando,)and I have recently finished reading three books:

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath (another one of my favourite, rather suicidal authors and poets,)

Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert,

and A Vindication of The Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft.
My aims for the Summer holidays are to watch the film version of Orlando, (with Tilda Swanson) and to see The Hours again. (I've already seen it once.)

Au Revoir!

Leanor xxx
Interests:147: : 147: alanis morissette, alexander pope, alisha's attic, alphonse mucha, androgyny, anne sexton, art galleries, arthur rackham, audrey hepburn, baby pink, bad dance moves, bagpuss, being creative, being different, black waistcoats, bohemia, bohemian cardigans, boticelli, bottles of diet coke, brian froud, bunny rabbits, butterflies, carl jung, carmine, charles baudelaire, charlotte bronte, charlotte mew, chicken fried rice, chocolate, collages, cookies, corrine day, corsets, creme brulee, cuddly toys, dandyism, dante gabriel rossetti, depression., dolly shoes, drama, drawing, eccentricity, edgar allan poe, eliza dushku, emily wilding davison, fairy lights, fake flowers, fancy cigarettes, feminism, florence, flowery duvets, fountain pens, frank sinatra, fred astaire, frilly dresses, garlands, girls!, grace slick, gustav klimt, harry potter, having fun, highlighters, history textbooks, hugs, ink pots, italian-style pizza, italic writing, italy, jane eyre, janey morris, jeanette winterson, jefferson airplane, john everrett millais, john keats, judy garland, kate moss, lavender, lemon diet coke, leonardo da vinci, les miserables, lizzie siddall, long words, love, mandarin lip balm, manic street preachers, marlene dietrich, mary wollstonecraft, milkybars, morgan, morroco, mrs. dalloway, mtv hits, muse, notice boards, old movies, old portraits, painting, paris, peaches and gonzalez, pear drops, pink, pink mini fridges, placebo, poetry, popsicles, powder puffs, pre-raphelites, raspberry lip balm, red lipstick, ribbons, roses, rough books, sarah waters, savage garden, scrap books, silk, sketch books, sonnets, spearmint polos, spit black, suffragettes, sushi, swing, tabs, talcum powder, the hours, the merchant of venice, the muses, the verve. ginger rogers, the yeah yeah yeahs, thirties dresses, tierney gearon, tipping the velvet, top hats, twelfth night, vanessa bell, velvet, verona, victor hugo, vintage jewellery, violets, vita sackville west, white and mint green, william blake, william morris, william wordsworth, women's history. the donnas
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