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Below is user information for __&; joaquin. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:leaf_phoenix (159530)
Name:__&; joaquin
Location:United States
AOL IM:joaquLn (Add Buddy, Send Message)

···> joaquin; leaf. twenty-eight. male. hispanic. taken. actor. model. performer. brother. uncle. lover. hater. silly. indifferent. modest. alien. ridiculous. abnormal. child. serious. reserved. charming. intellegent. golden.

···> movies; space camp. russkies. parenthood. walking the dog. cancelled lives. to die for. inventing the abbotts. u-turn. return to paradise. clay pigeons. 8mm. gladiator. the yards. quills. buffalo soldiers. it's all about love. signs. voltage. aurora island. bears.

``I think that you try the best that you can, but we're all selfish, we all want something fabulous for ourselves and want to make it. I know people that are like, "I would never do one of those Japanese commercials for a million dollars, two million dollars." Screw you. Goddamn right I'll do a commercial for two million dollars. Are you high? Fucking-A, I will. I'll do it for two million dollars and then what am I going to do tomorrow? I'm going to do something good with that money. That's how I see it.``

[[ Uhm, yeah. I'm the first person on Blurty to play Joaquin, so everyone else who wants to try after me are fags. I own Blurty. I own you. I own him. I own everyone. Bizack up off my turf, hoe. One day, in my dreams, Joaquin and I will get married and I'll rule the world - or something along those lines. Until then, you should go kill yourself. See you never, pals. <3 :-* ]]

Interests:32: 8mm, acting, alicia silverstone, aurora island, brad arnold, buffalo soldiers, cancelled lives, casey affleck, clay pigeons, gladiator, inventing the abbotts, it's all about love, joaquin, joaquin phoenix, liberty phoenix, modeling, parenthood, performing, prada, quills, rain phoenix, return to paradise, river phoenix, russkies, signs, space camp, summer phoenix, the yards, to die for, u-turn, voltage, walking the dog
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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