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User:le_printemps (210046)
Name:Thalassa Nott
Location:London, United Kingdom
AOL IM:aeliacamilla (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Thalassa Aurelia Nott was born to Julia Aeaeae Nott and Alexandre Nott in Tours, France on April 17th, 1980. Her parents moved her brother Mikel and her to London, her mother's birthplace when she was eight years old and her brother eleven.

Thalassa has rather plain features, brown eyes and long dark brown hair, along with glasses that make her look bookishly intelligent. Intelligent, yes, a reader as well, but Thalassa cares less about learning than anyone else she knows. She has a moving and lilting voice, potential to sing in operas or classical choruses, and intends to make her living in recording as a vocal musician; thus, she doesn't care for school at all, doing the bare minimum to pass and occasionally, study. She has a decidedly persistant and stubborn nature, not to mention a short temper. She has an immensely strong sense of pride. Thalassa likes to socialize with people at times and flirts with many boys in school. She intends to remain unmarried for the rest of her life but certainly not a virgin. In school, she tends to disrespect teachers besides Professor Snape, her house head. One of her failures, usually ignored, is her inability to succeed at Transfigurations, but since she usually slacks off in all subjects, it is little noted; her other biggest frustration is her fear of heights, making her unable to fly or play Quidditch.

Her father, who previously held a position in the French Ministry of Magic, works currently in the department of International Magical Cooperation and serves as assistant ambassador to France. Her mother is the head of the Research in Ancient Magics department at a prestigious magical university in London. Her brother Mikel works in Ireland as a starsearcher, or astronomer and arithmancer. Her father's younger bastard brother by another woman, Earnest Nott is a Death Eater and is father of her cousin, Tyler Nott, with whom she prefers not to socialize. She has no intention to get mixed up in the oncoming struggle between Dark and Light, but as Voldemort's threat becomes more evident, she will be forced to choose a side.
Interests:37: absinthe, acting, alcohol, astronomy tower, boys, champagne, chocolate frogs, classical music, clubbing, flirting, football, france, french, glasses, guys, hogsmeade, hogwarts, holiday, ice mice, kissing guys, music, musicals, not studying, novels, opera, parties, perfume, robes, shoes, singing, skipping class, skirts, skiving off, snogging, spring, sweets, vocal music
Friends:7: aetasabscondita, aiden_black, female_blaise, hjpwholived, lapsuslinguae, swishandflick, __oliver_wood
Friend of:17: aiden_black, alice_riedel, avalancherebel, colincreevey, firstchild, ginntonic, golden_scarlet, gryffindorrebel, j_adore, music_muse, orla, ravenclawpadma, sandyclover, slytherinallure, slytherinazure, thirdchild, weasley__
Account type:Free User

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