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Below is information about the "Layout Haven" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:layout_haven (233423)
Name:Layout Haven
Location:United States
About:Do you need help with your layout? Have a question about making a layout? Welcome to Layout Haven, the place where you can get all your layout help. There are a few rules you must read before joining.

_!@# supergrl753 (That would be me) does not I repeat does not have PSP or any type of brush program, therefore I cannot do the swirlie layouts and such. Please, don't ask me to do that. [[If you're someone who's good with brushes and would like to be one of the maintainers, email or IM me at xOo LiNds.]]
_!@# Requests and questions will try and be responded to as quickly as possible. If yours doesn't get answered in 3-5 days, post it again.
_!@# Be nice to people. That's a must.
_!@# Don't steal layouts, for crying out loud.
_!@# DoN't TyPe LiKe ThIs. (I hate that. >.<)
_!@# Don't type like the following: "can sOme1 mayk miii a layOut?" (We have a proper language for a reason...XD!)
_!@# Do not request icons. There are about 2394793274 icon communties all over blurty. Go there. :)
_!@# Join the community and then post your request. Do not request or ask questions in comments on other entries. If you don't know how to join and/or post in a community, email me at
_!@# If you'd like a background picture for your layout, please have it already uploaded to your own server. (Boomspeed, those kinda places). I can't have everyone's pictures on my account, cause that space is for my stuff. Thanks!
Current Maintainers:
**Anyone who's pretty good with override codes and/or brushes, please contact me to become one of the maintainers!**

.x. Font *Family, Size, Color* :-:
.x. Cursor :-:
.x. Border *Dashed, Solid, Double* *Color* *Position* :-:
.x. Page Title :-:
.x. Background *URL, Color, Position* :-:
.x. Comment Links *# comments | post comment* :-:
.x. Link color *Normal, Visited, Active* :-:
.x. Scrollbar Colors :-:
.x. Account Type *EA, Free, Paid* :-:
.x. Anything else :-:

Layout background done by:midnightqtqueen Isn't she just spiffy? ;D
Interests:10: blurty, blurty layouts, communities, help, helping, html, layouts, making layouts, overrides, psp
Members:218: aimbox3, akrieche, and1x, anesthetized, autumnsmonologe, babicute, babiekakes, babiixkates, bellabaci, bella_italiiana, bitchni, blacious, blo0p, bootyfulbabi, break_myself28, brideovalentine, brillianteyes, broken_eyes, bubs, camsmommy78, carry_me_home, cherryscentd, cmw216, cocaina, coming_out, confusedlove, corn_slave, creativeye, cry_away, deadly_assasin, deathavril, deathofnight, demented_doll, divinerebelli0n, dont_kno_shit, ducks_go_quack, epiphany7, etherealeyes, f0reverxbr0ken, failuremadeeasy, fallintothesky, fantasize__, farfromperfectx, finexcorruption, flava, foryou_tonotice, freezebaby, gc_obsessor, geekwithaknife, glamour_, glitter566, hiximchristine, hotpinksekz, hourofdarknessx, hurting_inside, iamerin, icu4uxoxo, iwantyoursocks, i_h8_myself, jc_luver13, jellydoughnut, justabroknfairy, kates_x0x, kientiekei, kissedkitty, kit_kat, knickohteen, kris_kreuk_, kutekiesh, l0nely_nights, labelssuck, laurcloudangel, la_jettster, lettin_g0, liddlekutie, lilkaywerr, lilshortieoxo, lilwildchild2, lishuz, ll_sara_ll, looseyourself, lostxduckiex101, lost_faith, lost_ruby6892, love2dance12990, love4sk8ers002, lovesick_fool, lovestinkssssss, lucciee, luckystar325, lush53423, meela, melli, mest_rock, metalqueen, midnightqtqueen, missdork1002, missunfoolish01, miss_krysti17, miss_unfoolish, monkiiz511, myusernamerules, nobodiizgirl, o0sexii_smile0o, o0xallofmex0o, onlysarah, oodakoolestoo, open_veins, orcharddreams2, oxmichixo, oxsugarbobxo, oxsweetzxo, peacheszndcream, pea_nutty, phant0m_writer, phat_pitbull, pink_toe_socks, piqqytails, poisongirlx13, pperrbear, pridewar, pumatruckerhats, punkchickette2, quackzter, r3dh3ad804, ragdollprincess, raisngrl, rejekted, resevilrocker, return, ricci_christina, river0f_dreams, rockalittle02, romantically, ronsendestroy91, roughxdraft, roxybabez4, scary_rocker, sexii_babii332, sexxay_layouts, sexygirl344, sexy_lil_sarah, shnarfuloflove, shortiej86, sidlivesx, silver_dreams, singinangel, sk8rgrrl, skankni, slowly_dieing, smack, sounusual, so_far_so_bad, sparklz4jrt, spooniemoo328, sublime58jd, sugargnome, suicide_facade, supergrl753, super_starzz, surmise, sweet6x9kissez, sweetcheekiez10, swtstrwbrriz, taylorgdancer, tempusvernum14, theme_park, themourningstar, tiffani, tru3_l0v3, turnxmexover, tweeek, ugly_alliie, vegetarianzwan, vlcmlibgrl, volcom_vixen, weirdindividual, whitedeath, why_bother, winningaloss, x0chrissyx0, xblackbabyx, xbloodyxrosex, xbrookusx, xcraziixcierax, xcrazybabi163x, xcupcakex, xforblueskiesx, xfreedomxrock, xheavenzstarx, xjenandstimpyx, xjustuandmex, xlilirish69x, xobeach_hunnie, xoiluvyouxo, xoo_linds, xoverprotectedx, xpaint_it_black, xpoetictragedy, xsh0otingstarx, xxonetruelovexx, x_bad_kitty_x, x_boycrazii, x_concealer_x, x_roxyblueo2_x, y0ungxh0peless, _bloody_kisses, _ever_so_sweet_, _mikes, _onlyme_, _pink_am0ur_, _preciiousz_, _smlemtysoul_, _thisri0tgirl, _unlabeled, __pink_toi__, ___b, _____sexy_nanda
Watched by:100: aimbox3, anesthetized, babiixkates, bellabaci, bella_italiiana, bitchni, brillianteyes, bubs, buddyoda, camsmommy78, cherryscentd, cmw216, creativeye, deathofnight, divinerebelli0n, dont_kno_shit, ducks_go_quack, etherealeyes, f0reverxbr0ken, farfromperfectx, finexcorruption, forever_scarred, freezebaby, gc_obsessor, geekwithaknife, glamour_, glitter566, hazel_eyed_girl, justabroknfairy, kates_x0x, kientiekei, kit_kat, labelssuck, laurcloudangel, la_jettster, lettin_g0, lilkaywerr, lilshortieoxo, lil_rina, ll_sara_ll, lostxduckiex101, lovesick_fool, lovestinkssssss, lucciee, luckystar325, lush53423, maryluvsu, mest_rock, mizz_diamondz, onlysarah, open_veins, orcharddreams2, oxmichixo, peacheszndcream, poisongirlx13, pperrbear, promiseswoven, punkchickette2, r3dh3ad804, ragdollprincess, resevilrocker, return, river0f_dreams, roxybabez4, secret_hearts, sexxay_layouts, sexy_lil_sarah, shortiej86, sidlivesx, skankni, so_far_so_bad, spooniemoo328, sublime58jd, supergrl753, super_starzz, sweetcheekiez10, swtstrwbrriz, taylorgdancer, tempusvernum14, ticklemepink14, tru3_l0v3, turnxmexover, ugly_alliie, x0chrissyx0, xcrazybabi163x, xcupcakex, xfreedomxrock, xheavenzstarx, xoo_linds, xpaint_it_black, xpinklikewhoax, x_boycrazii, x_roxyblueo2_x, y0ungxh0peless, _bloody_kisses, _ever_so_sweet_, _mikes, _unlabeled, __pink_toi__, ___b
Account type:Free User

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