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User:lawoman (356749)
Location:Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, United States
Bio:"It has, moreover, been proven that horror, nastiness, and the frightful are what give pleasure when one fornicates. Beauty is a simple thing; ugliness is the exceptional thing. And firey imaginations, no doubt, always prefer the extraordinary thing to the simple thing." --Marquis de Sade
Interests:89: abbie hoffman, anita pallenberg, beer, black sabbath, books, buffy, burning leaves, candles, canned heat, ccr, charlie manson, christina ricci, classic rock, concerts, cynthia plaster caster, dazed and confused, donnie darko, donovan, drinking, driving, elizabeth wurtzel, elvis, fall, friedrich nietzsche, general hospital, halloween, harmony korine, haunted houses, helios creed, hippies, horror flicks, howard stern, isle of wight, jack kerouac, jake gyllenhaal, janis joplin, jena malone, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, keith richards, leon the professional, leonard cohen, leslie van houten, libraries, lolita, love, lynyrd skynyrd, makeup, marianne faithfull, marquis de sade, metallica, mick jagger, movies, music, nighttime, nirvana, october, on the road, pamela courson, pamela des barres, partying, pills, pink floyd, prozac nation, queer as folk, richard ramirez, rolling stones, rum, sadie atkins, serial killers, sheri moon, sixties, spun, squeaky, storms, tailgating, the animals, the beatles, the doors, the eagles, thinking, tornados, veronica mars, vodka, weather, whisky a go go, wm3, wonder boys, woodstock
Friends:4: anxiety_dilemma, belle87, pennylane80, perfectionlost
Friend of:3: anxiety_dilemma, belle87, pennylane80
Account type:Free User

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