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Below is user information for barbie. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:lavenderr (82161)  
Website:lets be friends !&$#%
Location:Nashville, United States
AOL IM:tralasunflower (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:all i have is my love for love...

no really, im 16 from west palm beach, fla.
my name is barbie, but i think the word lavender is the most beautiful thing... yes oh definately
Interests:118: all things sunflowers, anime, anime boys, anti choice, apples, barbies, bisexuality, canada, candles, catholicism, chinese food, chipmunks, cleaning, clouds, colorful stuff, converse, creativity, crossbones, dance dance revolution, dancing, david bowie, disco, dj's, draco malfoy, england, english accents, fake nails, fashion, fendi, flash, flatscreens, florida, french fries, friends, goobers, green, hacking, hair clips, hair styles, hamtaro, happiness, happy meals, hardcore, harry potter, harvest moon, hip hop, hoodies, houndstooth, ice cream, indivduality, intelligence, jelly sandals, jewelry, jungle, keeping busy, kittens, lady kier, lola, london, lord of the flies, love, love parade, lucky charms, macaroni, macs, manicures, moors, music, my webcam, neon, new york, new york city, oldschool scooby doo, parties, paul frank, piano, piercings, pig tails, pink, platforms, pop culture, postpet, pro life, punk, puppies, rabbits, rainbows, ralph lauren, reading, records, remixes, ribbons, rock candy, seashells, simon cowell, skulls, slytherin, snobs, speed racer, sundaes, sunflowers, swimming, tatoos, techno, tetris, that 80's show, the global village, todd oldham, tom felton, trance, trip hop, turntables, underground, understanding, urban culture, vanilla coke, web design, west palm beach
Friends:6: glue_, loquacity, mikes, poisson, _incendio_, __love_letter
Friend of:2: loquacity, _incendio_
Member of:2: hp_rpg_ads, rpg_ads
Account type:Early Adopter

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