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User:laurah (206814)
Name:About this Girl
Location:West Deptford, New Jersey, United States
Interests:103: a static lullaby, acoustic, afi, akaline trio, baby grand pianos, beethoven, being alone, being me, belts, bikini kill, brand new, bright eyes, catch 22, chinese food, coheed and cambria, coldplay, compliments, controlling the famous, cursive, dancing to no music, dashboard confessionals, dreaming, dresses, drums, duct tape, eagle eye cherry, emo, family, field hockey, finch, five iron frenzy, flogging molly, flowers, further seems forever, good friends, guitars, hidden in plain view, hoodies, hugs, instant messenger, jack's broken heart, jersey, jersey calling, lacrosse, less than jake, local bands, long hair, lyrics, meeting new people, memories, music,, nj bands, no regrets, norah jones, oldies, one line drawing, piano, pink, poetry, polka dots, rainbows, reel big fish, remember maine, river city rebels, river's glasses, rock, roses, rufio, sarcasm, saves the day, sceva, singing, ska, skanking, skirts, sleeping, soccer, socks, soft pretzels, something corporate, spital field, still standing, stripes, style, summer, sunny days, taking back sunday, the early november, the eyeliners, the hippos, the hope conspiracy, the jealous sound, the junior varsity, the kicks, the lyndsay diaries, the prize fight, the specials, the used, this beautiful mess, thursday, vintage, weezer
Friends:9: asthedayfades, certainxtragedy, deathindarkness, eye_sore, how_i_used_to_b, isanyonethere, iwish4rainydays, lindsaydc, twistedemotions
Friend of:4: asthedayfades, certainxtragedy, eye_sore, twistedemotions
Account type:Free User

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