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User:larelaine (286190)
Website:Lar'en's Page
Location:Clarksville, Tennessee, United States
AOL IM:LarElaine618 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
My name is Lauren if you haven't caught on to that yet. I attend Rossview Middle School. HaWkS Rule Baby! Dont let anyone tell you differently. I am 5'6 with brown hair and blue eyes.

In the spring I play softball for StB Civitan. Last year I played on the *Patriots* and the year before on the *Devil Rays*. Last year we were undefeated at Clarksville Nationals but sucked when we played Blue Crush and Cardinals. We will come back and get um this year though! Just Watch! To the girls who have to move up... We will miss you terribly. Yall are our best!

I have 2 best friends... *Cassie* AND *Randi*. They are the best people you will ever meet. Girls.. I will always be there for yall if you ever need anything! All I am is a phone call away. Yall know my #. TO BAD if you dont! LoL...

Other friends are: LeeAnn, Courtney, Matt, Mark McAfee, Warren, Lauren, Allison, Alynna, Charlsie, Morgan J., Morgan T., Morgan H., Chelsey, Ty, Trent, Kenny, Tiffany, Sarah, Ashely S., Katie S., and to whoever I forgot I am so sry! I love yall too! I just well forgot you?

Cassie- your the best! I am so glad that I have you around to listen to me and my problems or just to hear my gossip! Ty is a loser! Dont worry about him! I love you Hun!

Trent - Hey Buddy!Okay Cassie may not be on my team but that doesn't mean I cant torture you! Trust me. . . It wont me hard. Hey you and 50 cent need to save me a seat in lunch from now on! I wish you luck with Randi. I am pushing for ya! C- Ya

Kenny - Okay, I dont have very much to say to you except you get on my nerves very badly. Not to make you mad or anything but you just really piss me off everytime I see you. You need to be nice to me. I dont do anything to you and you are mean and hitting me and shit! Thats got to stop. You put a bruise on my arm damnit!

Andrew - I dont know you that well. Just from LeeAnn. Even though I get on your nerves with my loud mouth your fun to talk to! You've disappointed me lately with your actions towards LeeAnn. I just have one thing to say. . . If your going to break up with her dont lead her on by talking to her at school and trying to be her friend! Thats just wrong becuz you know how much she really did like you and still does!

Shaine - I never talk to you anymore? Whats that about huh! LoL.. Just kidding. You know if you ever need anything I am always here for you. I LISTEN! SOMETIMES But anyways you get the point!

Chris - Okay, Whats up with you? I see you in the hall and you turn your head. You cant say Hi to me now. I see! I am catching your drift. LoL! Well Hey Chris! All I have to say is that you better stay out of trouble. I dont want to have to hunt you down and give you one of my talks!

Ty - Hey Preztel Boy! I dont know what your problem was about the whole Cassie thing. No I am not mad at you. I dont really have a reason too I just wish #1 you would have broken up with her yourself and # 2 you wouldn't have lied to her becuz that hurt her most of all! Good Luck!

LeeAnn - Hey Hunny. . . Your the only short, skinny girl I know that can kick ass! Man must be nice. LoL! You have always been there for me to go to and talk to and gossip too about my problems. You know I am always here for you even though I am not the one you go to when you have a problem I am still here. You know my number and you know where I live!

Courtney - Hey Girl! I dont talk to you unless we are on the bus or somewhere. Thats the only time I get to tell you all my problems and all my gossip. Hopefully we will get closer. Stay CrAzY girl!

Randi - All I am is a phone call away. If you ever need anything you know I will get out of my warm bed at midnight to come see you and talk to you. We've been there before and I will do it again. Tell my second mom that I love and miss her! I hope the best for you and Tommy. Even though I want you to be with Trent?

Lauren - We have had our ups and downs alot! We aren't nearly as close as we use to be but hey we still talk a little. At least we get along now. I hope verything works out with you and whoever your with now.

Jae - Hey Gurl... I can not believe you are a cheerleader Ms Rebel! You have shocked me over the last 2 years. I hope we can become as close as we use to be. Stay cool gurl!

Sarah - Hey Girl... Thanks for teaching me how to truck! Its so much fun! LoL... I am glad we worked things out and we hve no tension anymore. You are actually a fun person to hang out with! I hope everything works out with you and your love life. I know you know the right thing to do! Luv Ya
Interests:19: aeropostale, american eagle, arguing, baseball, boyz, country music, education, gap, guitar, hockey, internet, old navy, phone, shopping, softball, strawberries, swimming, talking, trouble
Friends:10: bag6008, bluecrush382003, bunniebabe15, frenchfrie26, icons_, katie0408, leeelee, rachel04, tennercblonde29, xoxmorganxox
Friend of:6: bag6008, bunniebabe15, katie0408, leeizzle, rachel04, tennercblonde29
Member of:1: icons_
Account type:Free User

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