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User:lakeic (52891)
Website:Risky Gamble
Location:BC, Canada
Bio:Lana aka Lakeic is a 20 year old anime nut from BC, Canada :D She enjoys anime & manga, shopping (when she has the money -_-'), hanging out with friends (although she never calls people :P), reading, drawing, webdesigning, listening to music and all that good stuff ^_- Personality wise, she's pretty friendly but shy in person but sometimes she will randomly talk to strangers. Once you get to know her, she's friendly and talkative but hates having one worded conversations. Wow this is so weird talking in third person -_-' Just to let you know, I have a pretty boring life :P
Interests:62: angel, angelic layer, anime, as one, avril lavigne, black eye peas, boa, buffy the vampire slayer, chobits, clubbing, dave mathews band, david usher, ddr, dhtml, dido, dogma, dvd, evanescence, friends, fruits basket, full moon wo sagashite, futurama, great expectations, harry potter, layouts, linkin park, lord of the rings, lunar, manga, marmalade boy, michelle branch, moulin rouge, movies, music, naruto, no doubt, our lady peace, postpet, pride and prejudice, puffy, ranma, reading, sarah mclachlan, shoes, shopping, simpsons, slayers, sloan, smallville, spirited away, the family guy, the princess bride, trigun, tv, u2, utada hikaru, vanessa carlton, video games, webdesign, weezer, weiss kreuz, xenosaga
Friends:7: goddessneptune, juky, konohamaru, mahalkita, moonawaii, moonriver, nna
Friend of:5: goddessneptune, juky, moonawaii, moonriver, nna
Member of:1: konohamaru
Account type:Early Adopter

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