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User:ladyinthedark (499869)
Name:She Loves Pudding
Bio:just a simple journal of mine.



you'll notice alot of mentioning of "him". my darling boyfriend, the light of my life, whom this journal is dedicated to.

Interests:150: alabaster, alfredo pasta, almond demure, andy warhol, anger management, antiquities, art, atticus finch, babies, bang & olufsen, beauty, beds, biting, black and white, books, breakfast in bed, cameras, cantalope island, caramel, cartoons, celadon, cha cha, chandeliers, children, choc fudge, chocolate, christianity, clothes, comfort, condoms, cooking, crazy, cream, crystals, culture, dancing, dangly earrings, decorating, diana krall, dinner, drawing, dreams, duck pate, eating, eating cold food, family, fashion, fishes, food, freedom, fresh fruits, fun, furniture, fusion food, gadgets, gifts, glitter, haiku, hamsters, hands, happiness, heritage, hip hop, homes, html, icons, jaywalking, jazz, jewellery, jive, kooky, lace, laughing, laughter, lavish, licking, life, lilies, lingerie, lipgloss, lips, lomography, love, lunch, luscious, mafia, mambo, marriage, massages, meat, medieval stuff, messy hair, metal, morbiddity, music, nature, orange colour, paso double, pearls, peranakans, photography, pictures, pleasure, plunging necklines, poetry, potatoes, pudding, pure whipped cream, r&b, reading, relationships, retro, rhumba, roses, salsa, sauces, senses, sensuality, sex, sex positions, shoes, silk, silver, simple, simplicty, smell, smiles, sniffing him, stilletos, strawberries, sucking, supper, surprises, sweets, swords, taekwondo, tango, teatime, tickling, to kill a mockingbird, touching, underwear, valentine's day, vegetables, vintage, waltz, water, whimsical dresses, white bedsheets, zen asthetics
Friends:None listed.
Member of:4: cunt_conscious, haiku, hot_hair, html_help
Account type:Free User

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