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Below is user information for Michelle. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:lacticacid (137937)
AOL IM:lacticacid412 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Interests:143: acting, all thats left, almost famous, bawls, beck, ben folds, ben gibbard, ben kweller, books, brandon boyd, bright eyes, california, cartoons, cats, cds, celly phone, checkerboard stockings, chris carrabitch, coffee, conor oberst, crooked rain crooked rain, crunchy peanutbutter, cuddling, daria, dashboard confessional, dead can dance, death cab for cutie, degrassi, disney movies, disney world, donnie darko, drew barrymore, dried flowers, dvds, eating babies, eddie izzard, elliott smith, elliott smith memories, elves, eye liner, fairies, figure 8, fiona apple, flogging molly, fondl, friends, gatorade, geography club, green day, hair brushingness, hair dye, harry potter, henna, hot hot heat, ice breakers, incubus, indie rock and pop, islands of adventure, jack skellington, jackass, jen wood, jenny lewis, john vanderslice, jurassic park, karl koch, kate hudson, kathy bates, kids in the hall, kittie, knee high socks, lauren ambrose, lotr, make up, mates of state, midol, monty python, msi, my bed, my friends, nail polish, north carolina, okgo, orbit gum, ozma, pavement, phish, pictures, pink pants, pinkerton, pixies, pizza, poetry, quiznos, rachel haden, radiohead, rag doll perfume, rainer maria, red hair, rilo kiley, rivarz, rivers cuomo, robin williams, sally, saves the day, sawgrass mall, sea otters, shock, six feet under, sporks, sprite remix, stand by me, stars, stephen malkmus, steve-o, sublime, subs, subway, sunny day real estate,, the blue album, the cranberries, the flaming lips, the green album, the guy from subway, the juliana theory, the nightmare before christmas, the outsiders, the peanuts, the postal service, the royal tenenbaums, the space twins, the special goodness, the strokes, the vines, thespians, tooth brushingness, travis ;-), water, weezer,, wesley willis, wine coolers, xo
Friends:12: aphextwin, barfgreen, bawlzrule, billywearsmysox, edwardrooney, indiemixtapes, i_heart_madlibs, jesusxchrist, misfitsushi, moment_to_shine, _dee_, _skellington_
Friend of:10: annieoide, aphextwin, barfgreen, bawlzrule, edwardrooney, hisgurl69, i_heart_madlibs, jesusxchrist, misfitsushi, _dee_
Member of:2: indiemixtapes, _skellington_
Account type:Early Adopter

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