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Below is user information for lacerated sky. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:laceratedsky (172600)
Name:lacerated sky
Bio:|i don't care if your world is ending today because i wasn't invited to it anyway. you said i tasted famous so i drew you a heart, but now i'm not an artist i'm a FUCKING work of art.|
Interests:148: 16 volt, androgyny, angels, ani difranco, art, aryans, asians, assemblage 23, atheism, bare pavement, bdsm, beauty, billie myers, black lights, black nail polish, blank notebooks, blood, bondage, bones, broken glass, buckles, candles, charcoal, cherries, cherry stems, coffee, crossdressing, death concept, decomposition, demons, dr. pepper, dreams, drugs, dust, earphones, earshot, elephant ears, emo, erotica, evanescence, evil, eyeliner, fast cars, feline, fishnets, flesh wounds,, garbage, gay men, gender bending, goo goo dolls, gothic, halloween, horror flicks, hot topic, hotpants, irises, irony, jack off jill, joydrop, k's choice, kidney thieves, kissing, kittens, knives, lesbians, lips, living dead girl, long fingers, loud music, love, marilyn manson, melissa ferrick, my ruin, night, nightmares, nine inch nails, nipple rings, obsessive compulsive, orgy, ours, pain, painting, papa roach, photography, pianos, piercings, placebo, poe, poppies, poppy z. brite, psychology, psychotica, rain, rammstein, ravens, roadtrips, robert mapplethorpe, roses, rot, sadomasochism, saliva, sarah mclachlan, satanism, savage garden, scarling, sharp things, shy girls, sixpence none the richer, skin, smeary lipstick, sneaker pimps, something corporate, soul asylum, soundgarden, spiders, spidey fingers, staind, stains, stars, straps, strawberries, summertime, sunsets, switchblade symphony, tattoos, tears, the calling, the color red, the cure, the human body, the ocean, the sky, thunderstorms, tongues, tori amos, touch, transexuals, vampires, veins, vertical horizon, vnv nation, watercolors, waves, words, writing, writing letters, wrong things
Friends:1: tearsdry
Friend of:1: tearsdry
Account type:Early Adopter

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