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Below is user information for Jock-Strap Jihye. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:kyootaka18 (394529)
Name:Jock-Strap Jihye
Website:~‡~MîÐn¥†É AñGëÍ~‡~
Location:Moorpark, California, United States
AOL IM:NightsShadow18 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
   Jihye: Arr, Matey. Yoo arr now aboard the Black Diamond, scariest ship ter ever sail the Seven Seas....I be Jock-Strap Jihye, yer Capt'n fer this lovely voyage, an' this, ::points at Chihuahua perched on shoulder:: is me First Mate, Bra-Strap Button. Say ello', Button...

   Button: Yark! Say ello', Button, yark!

   Jihye: Aye, that's me matey, yes she is. Poochie wants a cracker? ::feeds Button a cracker:: If yeh play nice and help me out a bit, I might let yah off easy and allow yeh to meet me crew, that I will.

   Aiight, yah lily-livered sea dogs! Hoist anchor!!!

   Button: Yark! Hoist anchor yah mangy fools! Yark!

   Jihye: Oy! Button, be a goot first mate an' deliver this here message fer me will yeh?

   Button: Yark! That will, yark! That I will

   Jihye: That's me lad...err...lass...

::Button swings on a few ropes, and lands neatly in front of you. She barks twice, and hands you this letter from the Captain::

TRANSLATION: I will NOT answer foolish questions such as "How did you get the font to blur like that?" or "Can you tell me how to make my comment links different?" I will simply ignore these kind of questions. I learned how to do these all by maiself, and so can yoo. That's what the Support section on the website is for. However, here is a place where you can go to learn a bit more about customizing yoor journal:


Although I will not answer stupid questions, I WILL answer avatar and background requests. But like the letter says, yoo are to supply the pictures, the info (what words yoo want on it, the color, etc.), the credit, and perhaps a link to mai journal, but thats optional. I hope I've made this clear :}

Memories:3 entries
Interests:7: anime, drawing, evanescence, legolas, linkin park, will turner, wolves
Friends:7: captain_igorot, elfiewonkanobie, o0hells_angel0o, runninlateinwl, supersexysweeti, tao_ren, thirteenthfloor
Friend of:1: tao_ren
Account type:Free User

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