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User:kth (337969)
Name:Katherine Therese
Location:Duxbury, Massachusetts, United States
Bio:"I want to go back to when boys meant 'yuck' and friends were new, dreams were unshattered, and worries few. When recess was too short and life was too long, and decisions came easy without the need to belong. When storks delivered babies and passions weren't so strong, friendships weren't broken, right was right and wrong was wrong. When bad things didn't happen and only skinned knees brought tears, and the night light in its socket quieted all our fears."
Interests:73: 3 doors down, ac/dc, aerosmith, afi, aim, american eagle, audioslave, beach, black, blink182, blue eyes, boys, brandon boyd, coheed and cambria, cursive, dances, drums, eve6, eyeliner, friends, goo goo dolls, green day, guns n' roses, hockey, hoobastank, hot topic, hugs, incubus, jose pasillas, kisses, led zeppelin, less than jake, long hair, mall, maroon 5, maroon5, matchbox20, mindless self indulgence, music, newbury comics, nickelback, night time, nirvana, oasis, poetry, rain, red hot chili peppers, rembrandt, rooney, sailing, skiing, snow, snowboarding, soccer, stars, story of the year, sublime, sum41, sunsets, swimming, switchfoot, the ataris, the used, three days grace, thrice, thunderstorms, train, trapt, vans, water skiing, weekends, weezer, writing
Friends:2: lamentical, lyrics_thoughts
Member of:2: lamentical, lyrics_thoughts
Account type:Free User

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