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Below is user information for MKrysia / MCristina. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:krysia (16406)
Name:MKrysia / MCristina
Website:and the rain fell
Location:Florida, United States
Bio:A little[?] list about me:

_I go by my middle name, Cristina, or some diminutive of that: Cris, Krysia. My name is translated here.
_I am 22, believe it or not.
_I'm just Poland-enthusiast but am not actually Polish! My mother is Filipino and my dad is Cuban. That makes me 100% Hispanic Asian.
_I love to travel and have seen many countries, although I don't remember half of them because I was too young. [Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Canada, Costa Rica, and England for two hours, waiting for a plane.] I go to Spain the most frequently, because I have family there. I'm not fond of the south of the country because it's too tourist-oriented. My favorite countries are Spain and Italy. When people speak [American] English with an accent, it makes me happy. Covering-up or faking an accent, on the other hand, makes me and Baby Jesus cry.
_I will go to Poland in July 2004, God willing.
_I am studying Spanish [out of "necessity"] and Polish [because I love it] right now.
 _My favorite music group is Myslovitz. I think Przemo is the coolest and Jacek the prettiest.
_I also like groups such as They Might Be Giants, Lenny Valentino, Radiohead, Counting Crows, Genesis [before the 80's], Peter Gabriel, Bjork, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Die Prinzen, REM...My Bloody Valentine has a few good songs, too... I know I'm forgetting a lot of music I listen to... No trudno. You get the idea!
_I am and forever will be hopelessly addicted to the song "Bunt szesnastolatki".
_I don't like my nose because I think it's too small, and I wish my cheeks were fatter.
_I will eat almost anything, at least once. Lubię jabłka.
_I work in a developmental psychobiology lab and have recently earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Who smells low-paying career in my future? I sure do! :]
_I'm unintentionally and situationally funny.
_I write too much.
_Although I typically find older (and chubbier :*) men more attractive, I end up dating people who are a bit younger than I am.
_Don’t look now, I’m just a friendly reminder!

poland_lovers ~ Blurty's first Poland-related community, for either natives or enthusiasts!
random_madness ~ It's random. It's mad. Ask any question you can think of here.
myslovitz ~ Blog that goes along with Myslovitz.US; if you want to know about my favorite group, take a look.

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_If you want to remove yourself from people's friends lists, click here.

The sun machine is coming down
and we're going to have a party.

Memories:16 entries
Interests:39: airline blankets, blurried gender lines, dundee, europe, flavored vodka, freshly washed linen, gay boys, grapefruit juice, jagiellonka, learning polish, left-handedness, lenny valentino, moja miła, moving pieces of music, myslovitz, people like me, people unlike me, people's handwriting, photographs, poland, polish accents, polish music, sleeping on the comforter, sok grejpfrutowy, squab, stracciatella gelato, strings, study abroad, swords!, th' glasgae banter, the boys from mysłowice, the eyes of age, the letter Ą, the letter Ę, the letter ??, the wavy club, thinking while eating breakfast, trips to italy, very old cities
Friends:14: abfab, chiprunner, incurable, ixchel, lovesmenot, maciek, marta_whisper, misscharlie, poe, sky_is_falling, sphinx265, the_unnamable, thora, _violent
Friend of:13: abfab, amyobsessive, chiprunner, iciclddtkoke, incurable, ixchel, lovesmenot, maciek, sky_is_falling, sphinx265, the_unnamable, thora, _violent
Member of:2: poland_lovers, random_madness
Account type:Early Adopter

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