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User:krycty (127729)  
Name:Rants of Life
Website:NxD Community
Location:Torrance, South Bay, California, United States
Bio:Hi my name is Kristi, I am 20 years old and I live in Southern California, haha ok ok I am joking that is alittle too sophisticated of me. I work alot and alittle, I LOVE my job I have great passion for it, yet my brother thinks I am a worthless loser. Oh well f0rk him! You probably would too you sick ass mofug! I LOVE boys, but shh don't tell them that. Got to keep my "boy suck" act alive. I hate my sibblings, they suck! My mom and dad are great but they tend to be assholes in the long run. My obbsessions are lip gloss, sunglasses, my job and the love of my life... My kitty!
I work for Vector and sell Cutco, it is the greatest thing ever. People that wouldn't agree suck.
You need a job where you don't think about the money. Atleast I don't with this job.
Owner of:
nodoubting No Doubt Community
ghettoicons Icon Request Community
PiMpLiCiOuSmEoW My Live Journal

Interests:144: american pride, angelina jolie, animations, arnie grape, art, bad religion, beach, beauty, beer, ben affleck, bimbo, black, blink 182, blue, boys, breakfast at tiffany's, brittney murphy, brownies, budweiser, burritos, candle wax, cars, cats, chalupas, chasing amy, chinese food, chowmien, christmas, chucks, clerks, clouds, cookies, cruel intentions, cutco, disneyland, docs, dogma, dogs, doritos, dr pepper, dynamite hack, easter, edward norton, elephants, evil, eye shadow, fear and loathing, free willy, gardena, gilbert grape, girl interupted, girl scouts, good charlotte, green, green day, gwen stefani, halloween, happy bunny, horses, ice cream, icons, jager, jay and silent bob, johnny the homicidal maniac, kevin smith, kitties, kurt cobain, lip gloss, local music, lords of acid, madness, make up, making out, mall rats, masturbation, mexican food, mischa, mix mob, monkey, moon, movies, music, new found glory, nintendo, nirvana, no doubt, no doubting, not another teen movie, offspring, oompa loompas, orange, painting, parties, phantom planet, pictures, piercings, pink, play station, player slayer, poetry, president bush, pro-war, pulp fiction, punk, purple, queen, rainbow brite, ramones, red, reggae, ren and stimpy, robert dinero, rock, rocky horror show, ryan phillippe, saturday night live, save ferris, sex, sex pistols, shows, simpsons, ska, slim shady, space balls, star wars, stars, strawberries, sublime, summer, tacos, tattoos, the get up kids, the goonies, tom and jerry, turtles, tv, vampires, vector, water, what's eating gilbert grape, willy wonka, writing, xbox, yellow
Friends:45: aloneinsolitude, anomie, anti_s0cial, blazingwen, bracelet_whores, bugley187, cake_or_death, cutco, eurotrashx, fucking__loser, ghettoicons, ghettopirategrl, hoplesscrayon, icontest, i_smoke_tampons, kelliness, lipqloss_riot, lovelynightmare, lysha, mistak, myhaloslipped, naked_truth, nibblet007, nodoubting, parisxenxflames, prettyvacant03, psptutorials, punkrockprincez, rocknrollstar, sats, slit_wrist, spaceghost_, srpntinetheory, steeltoed_vixen, tantaliziing, taylormarie, thatbimbo, trappedinabox, vintagefaerie, volcomsk8rchick, xbracelet_wh0re, x_leftbehind, yeuwdani, _braceletxwh0re, _swe3t_kissez_
Friend of:25: anti_s0cial, babygurlk23, blazingwen, bugley187, cake_or_death, fucking__loser, ghettopirategrl, i_smoke_tampons, kelliness, lipqloss_riot, mistak, parisxenxflames, pinkpreshiuz, prettyvacant03, punkrockprincez, sats, slit_wrist, spaceghost_, steeltoed_vixen, tattedfreak, taylormarie, thatbimbo, trappedinabox, vintagefaerie, volcomsk8rchick
Member of:9: bracelet_whores, cutco, ghettoicons, nodoubting, psptutorials, quizzrz, tantaliziing, xbracelet_wh0re, _braceletxwh0re
Account type:Early Adopter

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