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User:kristen (14389)

Its Just Me
heyy! my name is kristen aka krissie, kris, k, lil chicklets, kitten, & more. im 16 and im a junior at CHS c/o 2o05! i have a job at an italian resturant called villa bella. Im a hostess and although i hate working there.. i need money soo yea lol.

cats; lipgloss; friends; partying; beaches; adam sandler; 50 cent; my car!! good charlotte; animals; cellphones; dvds; swimming; pool; summer; hot weather; new york; ocean; pink; aim; journals; writing; baseball; stars; piercings; tattoos; pizza; slurpees; all american rejects; kisses; fridays; pictures; love; boyfriends; & more!

spiders! liars; 2-faced people; bitches; sweating; being tired; hangovers; aol; bugs; my brother; homework; school; being lonely; being left out; depression; death; leaving; work; enemies; being sick; & more ;\

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Where I am
aol:, aim: kristen41587

Interests:104: 50 cent, aar, abercrombie models, adam sandler, american eagle, australia, bacardi silver, baseball, beach, beer, benji, benji madden, black, blacklights, boardwalks, boyfriends, bunnies, buttons, cafe carmels, candies, cats, cds, celebrities, cell phones, cellphones, chicken, chillin with buds, christianity, coffee, cruel intentions, curve, diablo, drinkin, dvds, dye, eclipse, eminem, fast and the furious, field hockey, first kisses, french fries, fridays, friends, glitter, good charlotte, guys, hair styles, halfbaked, hemp, hockey, honda civics, hot cocoa, hot twins, hott guys, hotties, idle hands, internet, joel madden, justin timberlake, kissing, kittens, kitties, lip gloss, love, love spell, lucky you, lust, makeup, making out, men, music, nailpolish, necklaces, next friday, o.a.r, ocean, overrides, parties, peircings, photos, pictures, pools, puerto rico, purple, raves, saturdays, seduction, sex, silver, simple plan, snowdays, soccer, stars, summer, tatoos, the 60's, tom delounge, toyota supras, twins, tye-dye, vin diesel, weekends, winter break, young life
Friends:20: anti_daximus, babi03, babynat03, chinkified, irresistiible, lbell, lilmars, loveali, nyykaos, omg_itz_me, pepsii, piinky_, prettynpink16, soxwifantroxz, spanky69, strippedemotion, sweetbaybee, tnkbelbuni, troublemahker, zoe
Friend of:185: 4ever_and_ever, 8balltellsall, alaine, all_star_babe, angel_eye19, angii, angii_87, anti_daximus, babi03, babiangel069, babigurl223, babixofaith, babygurlie659, babynat03, bam6x9babe, baygul, beechy, billylover333, bizzness51, blazinbabygirl3, bluberrie_babe, bluexxsmurf8, borntootapox, br0oki3, britt590, britzkabaybe, brokenhope247, brunettebabe407, carebearqt, cassie3010, cherribabi, chica2507, chica6d9, chinkified, colormered33, conorsbabigurly, crestgirl666, cruelseductions, dancer_xox, deadpoetic01, dixiedoll, dramadiva88, dream_f0rever, featherkitty, fuzzykoala, goodnightmooon, gooniesroxsocks, greendaysnimrod, green_duckies22, heathers_blurty, hell0kitty, hmnit, honeybnz213, hunipye, ilovemuffins, iluvmypuppymel, imaginarygurl42, im_a_dead_star, ingii, irresistiible, italianbella159, i_love_benj, jeca, karla, kdonny14, kimberlyann, kliftonsdork101, kraziwhitegurl, krazykris031, kronicstar420, krystynawithak, kymburlie, lamebeforefame, larz, lbell, leananjohn, lilallybabe, lilcryincuttr, lildesi777, lilmars, lilvirgo2o4, lilxdee69, lily718, littledd, littlerainyday, lizzyeam, lostandallalone, lovinlifealso49, lovinyoo_x0, luciiouzshortii, lxkathybabezxl, manda13187, marryjudelaw, meghannnnnnnnnn, melissajm, mina265, missash, moe12, mollyf6106, musicalblondie6, my_fallen_r0se, nufoundglory143, nupur123, nyykaos, omg_itz_me, oneandonlyber, pantalaimon, peanut23, pepsii, pinacolata, pinkcrush, pinknbluesox, pinkysam06, polarprincess22, prayergal7, princess7362988, punkmonkee38, punkswthrt, r0cky0urb0dy, racso13815, raychel4392, richz_pro, risible417, rockinbabi03, rolyat, rtmprofit, sammiedoodles, sarahluvinmatt, schwartzie, sexaysayoboy12, shortboo89, shortie0607, sigizzle81, smittygrl1288, soccer18412, soccer20, soccerchic89, soccerchk070, sothernbabie, spankeysjournal, spanky69, spongebabe143, spunkymonkey, squirrel_mania, staccato_, starshine247, stoicangel, strawberrizxo, stripdnjstified, strippedemotion, ...
Member of:4: bg_whore, crazii_4_ic0nz, ic0ns_delux, jt_hunnies
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