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Below is user information for The name's Kristen. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:krissy_kreuk (110421)
Name:The name's Kristen
Website:I still don't like You.
Location:Vancouver, BC, Canada
sam_jones <3
That's my posse. Werd.

[Ahh, this is all a game. I don't think Kristen wants a blurty nor has a blurty. Come on now people! Get real!]
Interests:72: !!!, *cuddle*, 50 cent, :-*, :-x, a moment like this, alcohol, allison mack, angel, basketball, being a distraction, being cynical, being flirty, being me, being snarky, blurty, brooding angel, buffy the vampire slayer, charmed, chloe, chloe/clark, christina aguilera, clark, clark/lex, connor, cordelia, cuddling sam, dan radcliffe, dancing, david boreanaz, everwood, flirting, harry potter, hilary duff, icon making, icons, kelly clarkson, lana, lana/lex, lana/sam, lex, lizzie mcguire, lord of the rings, love, ludacris, me, micheal rosenbaum, mike's bald head, missy elliot, my best friend, my friends, not being forgotten, parties, public displays of affection, reading billy/dom fics, romance, rubbing mike's head, rupert grint, sam jones, smallville, smirnoff, smothering sam in kisses, snuggling, some other people, something corporate, television, the disney channel, tom welling, w00t!, wb, what the heezy?, you
Friends:44: a_acker, billy___boyd, bledel_alexis_, bloomage, bonbon_w, brendan_fehr_, cate_blanchett, celebverse, cv_maintain, daniel_alan, denisof, dommie_monaghan, em_watson_, feltonesque, hil_duff_, jerry_springer, johnson_eric, karl_urban, katherineheigl, katherineholmes, kurt_angle, la_mila, lija_wood, livvie_tyler, lyssa_milano, maj__delfino, miranda_otto_, mrs_jay, m_rosenbaum, phelps, rankin, sam_jones, sarahmichelle, stevewilliams, the_hot_phelps, tysonritter_, vincent_k, wb_smallville, welling_tom, xxxrated_sean, _dumas_, _grint_, _mortensen_, _trachtenberg_
Friend of:36: a_acker, billy___boyd, bloomage, bonbon_w, cate_blanchett, denisof, dommie_monaghan, dwayne_johnson, elfprincelover, feltonesque, hil_duff_, jewel_kilcher, johnson_eric, lija_wood, lyssa_milano, maj__delfino, miranda_otto_, mrs_jay, m_rosenbaum, n_brendon, phelps, rankin, sam_jones, sarahmichelle, shane_mcmahon_, steph_mac, stevewilliams, the_hot_phelps, vincent_k, welling_tom, _benson_, _dumas_, _mcgregor_, _mortensen_, _sethgreen_, _trachtenberg_
Member of:4: celebverse, cv_shaggery, jerry_springer, wb_smallville
Account type:Early Adopter

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