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Below is user information for The Fire Demon Kouki. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:kouki (350335)
Name:The Fire Demon Kouki
Bio:Name: Kouki Ziryule
Age: 500+ (19 appearance)
Born: July 1st (or so he says)
Likes: Candy, children, blood, destruction, fire, killing
Hates: Boredom, self-righteous people, sadness
Powers: Pyro, Demon-Change (turn another into a demon by giving up some of life energy)

Born in the second lowest level in Hell, Kouki had no true name nor body. To be perfectly honest, Kouki didn't even have a gender until he escaped his "prison" and went onto Earth. Here he possessed a young five-year-old boy named Akashiseizaburou (Akashi). For the next twelve years, the two were literally inseperate of each other until Kouki's insanity finally got the better of the human's soul and "swallowed" it into the abyss.

Only a three people were saddened by the sudden "death." Hisashi [a demon hunter], Kouki, and Akashi's guardian. Kouki--though hated by Akashi's guardian--is given money ever so often just to keep him alive. Even if he doesn't like Kouki (to put lightly), Akashi's guardian cannot allow that body to die so easily.

Currently, Kouki went on a recent killing spree [if one can call it that] taking the life of Harvey--who came back just three days later. In his possession now is a silver emerald ring, which he had swiped off of Harvey's body. Also, he bought an eyepath to cover up his left eye for one reason or another. He doesn't actually need it but he thinks that it adds personality to his already.. interesting personality...

Friends:7: ebony_rose, lost_naoe, naoen, pyro_heiji, todo, vampire_taipon, zaxier
Friend of:3: chemicalrevenge, fallen_gabriel, pyro_heiji
Account type:Free User

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