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Below is user information for suzen. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:kneehigh (98426)
Location:Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Bio:• this tea is too sweet.
Interests:79: 1920's, 1940's, 1950's, acad, alice neel, art, astrud gilberto, aubrey beardsley, ballet, belgian chocolate, belle and sebastian, ben folds, ben kweller, betty goodwin, calgary, canada, canadian history, clem snide, counting crows, creative intent, drypoint, egon schiele, erotica, ewan mcgreggor, fashion, fibre arts, gillian welch, gustav klimt, hats, hem, ida, ikea, kings of convienence, kissing book, kneehigh socks, kneelength skirts, knitting, lemonade, lino printing, lipbalm, low, maryjanes, mini carrots, mixed tapes, modern dance, movies about dance, my heritage, newfoundland, op art, peppermint tea, peter von teissenhausen, photobooths, photography, pin-ups, polaroids, printmaking, quilting, raspberries, reading, roadtrips, screenprinting, sewing, shoes, shopping, sleater-kinney, sloan, stereolab, style, swimming, textiles, travel, typography, vegetarianism, walking, water, weaving, wilco, yo la tengo, zines
Friends:32: antje, beautyfades, blackcandy, eohs, handclaps, hellodinosaur, hothothot, impactdivision, jen, jenipher, joopy, kannan, lackluster, magnetique, mapmaker, mavieencrayon, misspamela, moirabot, monetpoe, petit_monstre, pezessed, poordumbbird, popyura, pop_ad, secondpart, secretlytimid, sobriquette, springtime, subdivision, suckerpunch, temperamental, _allison
Friend of:46: abelle, antje, artboxed, beautyfades, bees_knees, blackcandy, caro_beth, casioforrest, cavok, celina, dill, eohs, franceselaine, funshinie, futamer, gen_m, handclaps, hellodinosaur, hothothot, impactdivision, imsovery, instamatic, ionosphere, jen, jenipher, joopy, korslite, lackluster, linniestorm, magnetique, mapmaker, misspamela, monetpoe, newvopo, pezessed, plumcake, popyura, pop_ad, randomflux, rippedseams, secretlytimid, springtime, subdivision, themeanreds, vix403, willowy
Member of:2: artsy, craftalicious
Account type:Early Adopter

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