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Below is user information for » Kãylã «. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:kissme143x0 (129949)
Name:» Kãylã «
AOL IM:XPeaChez3663x (Add Buddy, Send Message)
:: Basic Information ::

name -» Kayla Elizabeth
bka -» Kaybabe . Baby Pie . Kay . Tease
seks -» Thongs n' Lipgloss
aige -» wun*Five
grade -» 1oth
reppin -» Crk 4 Lyfe <3
boii -» FucC Guys * I`m Tired Of Tryinn
height -» 5'3 *Shortii
hair -» Dark Blonde w/ Some Red
eyes -» Hazel and Goldish
school -» ChS ... Carrick!
school colors -» Blue nd Gold
grade point average -» 3.8 (all A's and 1 B)
sports -» Snowboarding - Soccer - Swimming

Straved For More Information?
* Instant Message -» XPeaChez3663x *
* Email -» *

:: Funny Thing That Really Happened ::

» Scene: Lunchroom
(Kacy) Are you a lesbian?
(Me) Would you like that?
(Kacy) Possibly
(Me) Then I refuse to answer!

» Scene: Lunchroom
(Security Guard) What are you drinking?
(Me) It*s Sprite Oprah..honest.
(Security Guard) Let me see ::sniffs:: Thats not Sprite.
(Me) Lemme see! ::sniffs:: Yes it does... ::sniffs:: Hmm...Skyy Blue!

» Scene: Southside
(Guy) Sex?
(Angie) Whore! I'm only 15!
(Guy) Me too.
(Me) Yeah plus 20.

» Scene: Southside
(Guy) You girls need some company?
(Me) Yes me and my syphillis get so lonley!
(Guy) :: drives away quickly ::

» Scene: Chem Class
(Sean) Come on Kayla, hurry up at the sink!
(Kayla) I am hurrying, but ooh look how white my hands are! (smiles and giggles)
(Sean) Fine I'll use this. (Takes beaker of clear liquid and spills on hands)
(Kayla) Hurry...rinse your hands!
(Sean) I'm going to die, my hands are going to fall off!
(Kayla) Sean why would you do that!
(Sean) I Thought it was water.
(Kayla) It said CHEMICAL Y on the side in BIG RED LETTERS for a reason!
(Sean) Well it shouldn't have been next to the sink, and it shouldn't have been clear!
(Kayla) ::sighs:: Just keep rinsing!
--- Time Passes ---
(Kayla) Ms. Jones, what would happen if Chemical Y got on you?
(Ms. Jones)`s just water!

HaHa <3 I Love Seans Stupidity!

» Scene : The Park, Halloween Night
(Sean) What's running towards us?
(Everyone) AHH!
[I scramble up the hill.]
(Erik) I'll save you Kayla.
[Yank! Pulls my ankles and we go tumbling down the hill.]

» Scene : Chemistry Class
(Me) It's snowing! [Looks Out The Window]
(Mrs. Jones) KAYLA! STOP IT!
(Me) What did I do?
(Mrs. Jones) You know what you did.
(Me) Yeah I looked out the freakin window.
(Mrs. Jones) Oh and Brandon just happened to get in the way.
(Me) What are you talking about?
-- Later --
[I look to the front of the room]
(Mrs. Jones) KAYLA!
(Me) What?
(Mrs. Jones) STOP IT!
(Me) What the hell, what did I do?
(Me) Whatever, I didn't do jack shit.
(Mrs. Jones) I guess you were just looking out another window.

» Scene: Seven Springs
(Me) OMG! I'm not going to be able to get off the ski lift.
(Sean) Yes you will, just do this...
(Angie) It's okay Kayla.
- We get to the top.
(Me) Yay I'm doing it!
(Angie) - uH oh!
- Falls ontop of me.
(Sean) Ouch! -get hit with ski lift and falls ontop of me.
(Me) Okay.. let's untangle!

» Scene: Ski Lodge
(Sean) Jordan is all over you Kayla.
(Me) Yeah I know.
(Tom) He's "helping" her.
(Dave) HAHAHA! Yeah... help.
(Sean) If you consider evertime you fall him sticking his balls in your face is help.
(Dave) See Sean atleast you try to not be so obvious about it.
(Sean) Yeah, see I can't get that close to her face cause I have a snowboard.

» Scene: Ski Lodge
(Angie) I can't get my boots on.
(Me) Neither can I.
- My cellphone rings.
(Sean) Where are you?
(Me) Trying to get my boots on.
(Sean) STILL?
(Me) Yes, come down and help us please.

Snowboarding = LIFE!

:: Blowpop - A True Story ::

(G Bootay is Me ... G Raw is Ang my Girlie)

*I Blow Harder*
G Bootay Said

*I Blow Faster*
G Raw Said

*Lets See Who Can Blow Longest*
They Both Said


Both Grew *BIGGER* and *LONGER*

G Bootay Felt Dizzy And Stopped To Get A
Closer Look At G Raws When Suddenly...

--> POP <--

The Force Was Amazing - It Blew G Bootay Backwards And She Fell To The Floor & Hurt Her Bum :( *oww*


..G Bootay And G Raw Could Not Stop Laughing..

Those Are The Consequences
You Pay When You Blow Up
Balloons In Food Tech Class

:: Credit & Thanks ::

Thanks Kinky_Girl (Kayla) for the codes for the boxes. <3

:: Wanna Be Friends? ::

If you would like to be added to my Friends list, just add me to your list and then comment and ask to be added. Everyone who asks will be added. I don't have any "qualifications or standards". Everyone is welcome to be a friend of mine. So, ask away and enjoy!
Interests:103: aladdin, alice in wonderland, aragorn, baby tees, bands, beds, being crazy, being me, being wild, ben mckenzie, blankets, blue eyes, books, boys, causing trouble, chad michael murray, chocolate milkshakes, clothes, clubbin, clubs, coldplay, cuddling, dancing, dashboard confessional, degrassi, disney, dogs, draco malfoy, dreams, drinking, earrings, elijah wood, extreme sports, flirting, food, fred weasley, friends, frodo, george weasley, good charlotte, hagrid, harry potter, having fun, hercules, hip huggers, hockey, hugs, kissing, legolas, linkin park, lipgloss, lord of the rings, makeup, making out, mall, merry, movies, music, my cellphone, numb, one tree hill, orlando bloom, oscar the grouch, parties, partying, penguins, perfect, pillows, pippin, pirates of the caribbean, pittsburgh penguins, pizza, pop, puppies, readin, rockview penitentiary, romeo and juliet, ron weasly, rugby, running, samwise gamgee, saved by the bell, sean astin, shoes, shopping, simple plan, singing, sleeping, slippers, snowboardin, soccer, socks, soup, steelers, superman, swimmin, the oc, thongs, viggo mortenson, water, will turner, writing, zack morris
Friends:7: babee_tearz_xo, kinky_qirl, kt62889, kyutelilme553, ladiic2, luvinboyz101, retrochika14
Friend of:3: babee_tearz_xo, kinky_qirl, kt62889
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Account type:Early Adopter

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