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User:kirei (17445)
Website:my livejournal
Location:Rhode Island, United States
AOL IM:El Tango de Ally (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:tango_de_ally (Add User, Send Message)

[ watashi wa kowareru ]


a voice screaming out your name
surely it will not reach you; my voice
but, for now, I am okay
someday, in my heart, you will...

tonight, too, I will dream a dream of you
beneath my pillow I placed your letter
my dream is too cruel, my breathing interrupted
always, at 4:30 AM, I awaken in pain

the time is too long
the time is too painful
the dream will not stop
my love is frozen, dead
on this cold evening
so, in this long night

my consciousness is torn apart
becoming tiny pieces
my memories scattering
your ring: I grasp it as tightly as I can
my tears soaking my pillow

like I cannot hear, blocked up my ears
your voice...
the scar on my wrist
increasing once more
melting into the wound, you

I am broken - the letter burnt, becoming ashes
I am broken - my heart broken, becoming ashes
I am broken - I lost you; I love you.

[ There are no happy endings; nothing ever ends. ]

I am a strong lipstick lesbian.
I am extremely kinky.
I could care less if you don't like me.

Comment here if you want me to add you.

Since June 30th, 2002

Interests:133: abuse, akio, androgyny, angel sanctuary, angelina jolie, angst, art, azrael, bdsm, black, blood, body piercings, bondage, buck-tick, catgirls, chaos, chobits, chocolate, cold, combat boots, corsets, cross dressing, daisuke, die, dir en grey, dragons, drawing, dried roses, ee cummings, evil, fallen angels, felines, ff6, ff8, ffx, final fantasy, fishnet, gargoyles, gays, geishas, genderqueer, girls, girly boys, goth, gothic lolitas, gothics, graveyards, homosexuality, ice, individuality, intelligence, interview with the vampire, j-rock, japan, kaoru, kunihiko ikuhara, kyo, lace, leather, lemony snicket, lesbians, lightning, lip piercings, lord of the rings, lucifer, luna sea, magick, manga, mars, masochism, medieval, mikage, miyabi, mythology, nymphs, ohtori, orgy, our lady peace, pansexuality, pansexuals, panthers, photography, piercings, pineapples, pocky, poetry, rain, rape, roleplaying, roses, rosiel, ruka, sadism, sadomasochism, saionji, sappho, sarcasm, sea, sensuality, serpents, sexuality, shinya, shinya's hands, shiva, shoujo kakumei utena, singing, sleep, snow, snow leopards, spiders, stripes, succubi, sushi, swimming, takehito koyasu, tattoos, the bouncer, thunderstorms, tim burton, toshiya, vampyres, victorian era, videogames, vintage clothing, visual kei, wakaba, water, whips, winter, women, x japan, yoshiki, δΊ¬
Friends:11: akio, androgynexx, bleu_, caledyn, hide, kirei, plurmoogle, rosiel, starbrite, the_dying_sheep, wakaba
Friend of:8: akio, androgynexx, bleu_, caledyn, hide, kirei, plurmoogle, wakaba
Member of:1: ohtori
Account type:Early Adopter

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