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Below is user information for ·.·´★`·.·kirameku·.·´ ★`·.·. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:kirameku (135065)
Name:·.·´★`·.·kirameku·.·´ ★`·.·
Website:my deviantart page
Location:Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States


My name is Dare (yes really) and I am a 18 year old senior in high school. Right now I feel kirameku currently feels
My journal is by all means fairly down to earth and very personal, explaining why it is friends only. If I have added you as a friend it is b/c I like you for some reason or another and I feel we have something in common...or its b/c I already know you.
aim: kirameku chan
email: (used most) only)

my deviantart page
Ok...I have a Creative Personality

You represent... hope.


i love sushi!

i'm prolife ;3

i LOVE pocky

i'm listed at Glitter should be, too

i have an artistic spirit

Interests:102: , aliyah, animal rights, anime, anne rice, ayumi hamasaki, bellydancing, besm d20, billie myers, bishonen, black, bubble baths...*lol*, clamp, classical, cosplay, creativity, crossdressing guys, d&d, disturbed, drawing, drums, electronica, escaflowne, evanescence, fae, faeries, fairies, fantasy genre, fushigi yugi, geisha, gender bending, gender confusion, graffitti art, gravitation, green tea, guitar, heavy metal, hot topic, html, inspiration, intellectualism, inu yasha, j pop, j rock, japan, japanese culture, japanese history, japanese language, jazz, kama sutra, kidney theives, korn, l'arc~en~ciel, l33t, lenny kravitz, linkin park, love, maaya sakamoto, manga, matrix, mudvayne, music, music composition, musicals, my super sweet boyfriend, new age, oekaki bbs, orgy, pixies, prodigy, purple, queen of the damned, revolutionary girl utena, rock, roleplaying, sex, shakuhachi flute, shiatsu, shojo manga, shonen ai, singing, starbucks coffee, sushi, system of a down, techno, the 1980's, the moon, under the glass moon, vampire princess miyu, vh1, violin, web design, website building, wild arms 3, x/1999, yaoi, , アニメ, マンガ, , 日本, 日本語
Friends:15: anime_art, blurtydesigners, darkepona, deadvenusblue, faerylovers, freewriting, html_help, japanese, linkin_park, misscharlie, nihongo, obie110, recycled, sarai9, senpai84
Friend of:9: darkepona, dbz_fiend, deadvenusblue, harumi, obie110, recycled, sarai9, senpai84, xruby_moonx
Member of:8: anime_art, blurtydesigners, freewriting, html_help, japanese, linkin_park, nihongo, teafortwo
Account type:Early Adopter

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