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Below is user information for (`·.·•Calla_r0se <3•·.·'). If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:kinkypink (354888)
Name:(`·.·•Calla_r0se <3•·.·')
Location:Elizabethton, Tennessee, United States
AOL IM:x0xCallax0x (Add Buddy, Send Message)

[[ `*InTr0ducti0n~' ]]
And now it's time for me to come and give you more to say... I've waited a long time for this It feels right now Allow me to introduce *myself* I want you to come a little closer. I'd like you to get to know me a little bit better. Meet the *real me* Sorry you can't define. me Sorry I break the mold. Sorry that I speak my mind. Sorry -don't do what I'm told- Sorry if I don't fake it. Sorry I come too *real* I will never hide what I really feel!! Huh, so here it is; No hype, no gloss, no pretense Just me: *STRIPPED* Sorry if I ain't perfect. Sorry I don't give a -what- Sorry I ain't a diva. Sorry just know what I want Sorry I'm not a *slut* I won't let you break me; Think what you want.... <3

[[ `*Wh0s That Girl ?~' ]]
Hey! if u didnt kno or if u do and forgot lol my Name is Calla ((full name: Calla r0se sanders!!)) im about 5' brownish, darkish hair few blonde highlights , dark brown hypnotizing lost deep eyes ; tan in the summer : white in the winter my birthday is [[March 27]] send a gift ;).. m0st people would describe me as outgoing,cute,and sweet but just like everyone else i do have enemies.. you cant get along with everyone i dont guess.. im kinda shy s0me people alot of times tend to take me the wrong way n take it as stuckup but really u dont ever know the real me to ur close to me ... im hard 2 get to know but my true friends the ones that know me the best love me to death n i love them !! moving on ...Whats my sign?? Im an Aries - Aries is symbolized by the Ram. You're initiating, bold and impatient, your fiery nature making you irresistible and exciting. While you can be impulsive and combative, you're the absolute leader of the pack -- in team sports, business or just your group of friends and family! My Chinese symbol is snake...Im almost always doing something.. between school n going out !! Catch me if you can!! ! I'm pretty much your average high school student trying to make good grades and have some FuN too along the way!!i was born in Nashville *music city* moved here in this small paradise ~RiIght~ of Elizabethton when i was one and my parents divorced my dad still lives in Nashville and i go down there on holidays and in the summer...In this journal im gonna write opinions so respect them because i respect yours and value what u have to say but if u dont like my opinions theres a [x] in the right top corner u know what to do.. <3

[[ `*A Day In Paradise~' ]]
Like i said before i live in Elizabethton Tn small town where everyone knows everyone .. ever heard of it? its a very boring lil city which as so0n as i get the chance i am getting out of to find a bright new exciting world lol..I go to Happy Valley High School! GOoOoo WaRri0Rs !! WoOOo WOOo lol...I cheerlead but not this year bc freshman can not cheer so taking a year off i guess .. but madly practicing backhandsprings.. you have to tryout so really i dont kno maybe i wont ever cheer again lol but maybe ill make it we will wait and in this lil city im L0cated out in what we call the "BoOnies" lol on a farm where i have 2 horses,3 d0gs, and 5 catz.. didnt kno that did u? well u learn something new everyday..When i look out into the world i see the big picture i try too anyways.. alot of times im self centered but other times im real thoughtful and sometimes youll see where i write about my thoughts in my journal i really try to appreciate things and feel blessed and alot of times i take alot of things for granted when i shouldnt but its something im working on and hopefully progressing on .. i do believe in god and i do have strong beliefs about certain things that i wont go into detail on.. i cant really name a church i go to bc i dont hardly ever go bc i dont kno which one is right for me baptist,catholic,christ, thay all have one god the and the same god im just trying to find out whats right for me n accomplish things through christ ..try not to sin or lie and make good judgement and all i can do is all i can do ...<3

[[ `* S0me Fav's ~' ]]
-movie: Sweet Home alabama -tv show: MtV MuSic chaNnEl,Real WoRld,Road Rules,Friends,The oC,DawSonS CrEek -actor: Colin Farrell - OoO SucH a HoTtie! -actress: J-lO -color: Red no other but Red -music type: ANythign i like n that catches my attention.. -singer,or group: Matchbox 20 - they've helped me in so many ways couldnt live without them.. -song: "push" Matchbox 20 -cd: Matchbox20 -beverage: pePsi -alcoholic beverage: JacK DanIelS -store: WeT Seal , Af -disney character: Sn0w White <3 -restaurant: Grady's -fast food restaurant: Wendys -ice cream flavor: ChOcolAte -food: my regular... plain wendys bacon junior cheese burger w/ a small coke and potatoe -board game: MonOpOly -day of the week: Friday -feeling: love, accomplishment, happiness -car: Red Miota .. have it when im 16 -fruit: apple -vegetable: no likeie.. -place to be: 0n the beach ...<3

[[ `*Lo0kin 4 Friends~' ]]
Thankyou 4 taking the time n viewing this im gonna go under construction for a little while redo my layout have a major friend cut n go under a world wide blurty search for friends so if your reading this n maybe think ur interested comment to me i really jus have a couple of rules n they basically are if u comment me ill comment on u and dont TYpE lIke ThIs bc it gets old very fast lol and some days i dont have alot to wrtie about bc my life isnt a everday drama so its not always great 2 read but hey im lookin for friends<3CoMment

Friends:13: addmedamnit, advancedsextips, advicenanswers, boyfriends, funkysexmonkey, icons_4_u, meticals, purdieful, sex_questions, someadvice, spirit_stickz, xoerica, _blurtybuddies
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Member of:9: addmedamnit, advancedsextips, advicenanswers, boyfriends, icons_4_u, sex_questions, someadvice, spirit_stickz, _blurtybuddies
Account type:Free User

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