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Below is user information for THe Right Honerable J. Quincy King. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:kingzilla (112857)
Name:THe Right Honerable J. Quincy King
Location:East Bumblefuck, Pennsylvania, United States
AOL IM:jersey goku (Add Buddy, Send Message)
ICQ UIN: 259383095 (Add User, Send Message)
|||[Personal Information]|||

John Quincy King - Before you ask, No, i wasn't named after the 6th President of the United States. Most people either call me King, or Quincy. I know only a few people that still call me John.

8.25.81 - That's my birthdate. 21 years old i am. I'm a Virgo. Hooray....

Pennsyltucky - Yep, i'm stuck up here in Pennsylvania, right over the Water Gap, the middle of nowhere. It sucks more than you can imagin. I wish i was back down in Jersey. Anywhere except Bayonne. That puss-filled boil on God's ass can burn to the ground and i wouldn't shed a tear. I miss hanging out in NYC. You don't know how awesome NYC is until you spend a year in the wilderness.... you appreciate it much more.

Style - Yea, i ripping this lil catagory off from my friend's journal. My style is.. ummm... my style is.... ummm.... well i don't know what it is. I guess it's just kind of wearing stuff and not being trendy. I hate fucking trendy bastards. You fuckers all follow what Hollywood does. You follow what those fashion fucks say is the cool shit to wear for the next 15 minuets. You have no will or want to be your own person. Then you trash peiople that don't follow mindlessly the trends that you do. You people suck ass. As for me, I have my couple of t-shirts, my couple of jeans, my sweater with my Devils patches on it, and that's it.

Athletics - On June 30th, 1982, my life forever changed. The Colorado Rockies moved from Denver, Colorado to East Rutherford, New Jersey, and became the New Jersey Devils. I have been a fan of the Devils since before i can remember. I am the type of fan that will get into arguments and fights over the Devils. (especially with Ranger fans) If you don't like hockey, what's wrong with you? If i could find a woman who would rather watch a Devils game over going shopping or watching American Idol or doing her hair and make-up, i would be in heaven. A very, very, very, very close second to hockey is football. In that respects, i am a huge Giants and Jets fan. (yes, you can like both the Giants and Jets, it's not as weird as being a Devils and Rangers fan) I like the Yankees in baseball, and in the NBA, although i watch it very sparingly, i have always been a Nets fan, even when they sucked.

My Schizoness - I'm a man who loves funny. I have a very warped sense of humor, and i love it. Stupid jokes, funny little stories, anything that can make me laugh, it's a-ok. Fart = Funny, always has, always will. I'm the kind of guy that can laugh at a traffic accident, who sees things funny in situations that are deadly serious. I love lightening up a dreary mood. If people are too serious, i'll try and make them crack a smile. Even if i'm not in the best of moods, i love making people laugh. I do have a problem with cursing. I say "fuck" more times than i can even think about.

My Shit List - God how i hate stupid people. People who have no common sense. I hate you girly-girl fucks, and especially you girly-girl fucks who want to look like they are punk or different, only because they think it looks trendy, and in fact they know NOTHING!!! (insert Avril Lavigne joke here) I also hate all you greased up, guido lookin' bastards. Havn't you gotten the hint yet? we don't care about your fucking "guns", and we don't wanna see your hairly, smelly, greasy fucking pits. Put on a shirt, and jump off a bridge.

Things i do - I still love to play hockey. I also play football when i can. Football is a great escape, you can just forget everything, and be outside, rain or shine, and hit people. It's something that is, i don't know how to describe it. When the fall comes around, and you get a nice 60 degree day with a nice breeze, man... it awakens the football in me.... it's heaven...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Interests:101: aba, afl, ahl, baseball, bayonne, bergen point, chuck jones, college basketball, continental airlines arena, das boot, dragonball z, drawing, duke, espn, espn classic, espn radio, espn2, espnews, fistful of dollars, football, frank gifford, get carter, giants stadium, gir, godzilla, happy tree friends, hard rock, headbanger's ball, history, hockey, hunt for red october, imus, invader zim, jersey city, john madden, kansas city scouts, ken daneyko, knight rider, krock, lacrosse, major league baseball, major league lacrosse, metal, metallica, michigan, monty python, mr. hell, mystery science theater 3000, national basketball association, national football league, national hockey league, ncaa, new jersey, new jersey devils, new jersey nets, new york city, new york giants, new york jets, new york nets, new york yankees, nfl, nfle, nhl, notre dame, old spice, overtime, pat summerall, pennsylvania, playoffs, premier league, princeton, radio, rock, roman empire, rutgers, san francisco giants, seton hall, sid rosenberg, snatch, south carolina gamecocks, sports, sports logos, strongbad, tattoos, the big east, the cheat, the jersey devil, the meadowlands, the weather channel, times square, transformers, u-571, undead, usc, ushl, wfan, wxrk, wysp, wzzo, yankee stadium, zombies
Friends:15: babybud, babyzoe, datura128, dragonmage, goalie33xxx, hobey, hockey, italianlady82, lessthansteve19, lightning_chick, mst3k, nj_diners, sportsfans, stu_pot, wordgetsaround
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