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Below is user information for Caroline. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:killlingbliss (354387)  
Location:New Jersey, United States
Bio:there isn't anything that important that anyone needs to know about me well besides that fact that i'm totally fucked up in the head
Interests:114: a perfect circle, ac/dc, addicts, agoraphobic nosebleed, alabama thunder pussy, alice in chains, alien sex fiend, amen, anthrax, atreyu, berzerker, biohazard, black flag, black label society, black sabath, bongzilla, brutual truth, burnt by the sun, cannibal corpse, carnal forge, carnivore, charles manson, coal chamber, corrision of conformity, cradle of filth, crazy, crowbar, cutting, danzig, dawn of the dead, dead kennedys, death, death by stero, deicide, depressed, depression, dillingeer escape plan, dimmu borgir, down, earth crisis, exodus, eyehategod, fear factory, flaw, fugazi, genocide superstars, goatwhore, godflesh, grave, gwar, halford, hatebreed, high on fire, horror movies, iced earth, iron maiden, judas priest, kevin smith films, lacuna coil, lamb of god, life of agony, liquor, lollipop lust kill, machine head, mastadon, megadeth, ministry, misfits, mortician, motorhead, murderdolls, my dying bride, neurosis, nevermore, nile, nine inch nails, nothingface, old man's child, opeth, pain, pantera, pig destroyer, pissing razors, ramms+ein, ramones, s.o.d, samhain, sepultura, serial killers, sex, sex pistols, shadows fall, six feet under, skinlab, skinny puppy, skrape, slayer, snapcase, soilent green, strapping young lad, suicidal, suicidal tendencies, suicide, super joint ritual, testament, the cure, the damned, the end, the haunted, today is the day, tool, type-o-negative, weed, white zombie
Friends:1: slitzblood
Friend of:1: slitzblood
Account type:Free User

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