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User:killedinsnow (147095)  
Website:: - : Break My Heart : - :
Location:Alta Loma, California, United States
AOL IM:killedxinxsnowx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:It's so hard to try to fill one of these things out because there is no way I could sum up my life in one of these little 500 max. text boxes...I'm a good person. Nice, kinda-funny, caring; I like to make people happy, have a fun time, make friends and shiz like that. I'm purty weird and I say a lot of dumb stuff at first to 'break the ice' so dont be suprized if I call you a tomato kisser or some shiz. LOL. On the other hand, when I'm annoyed, I'm annoyed and that means leave me the hell alone. I can be mean sometimes and I'm a little dramatic about stuff but its nothing to worry about, just play me some SOAD or cheer me up and I'll be ok. These problmes mainly occur because of family and 'friends' so yeah...Angie = Loser!
Interests:69: afi, art, aus rotten, aus-rotten, bad religion, books, bright eyes, chevelle, classical, cock sparrer, color, computers, crayons, dancing, dashboard confessional, emo,, fight club, finch, food, from autumn to ashes, good charlotte, happiness, hip hop, indie, italian food, italian guys, jazz, linkin park, mafia, mariah carey, misfits, movies, music, my chemical romance, play doh, pop, psychobilly, punk, punk bands, punk rock, punk shows, punks, r&b, rain, rap, reading, rock, rockabilly, sadness, selena, silence, singing, snow, snowboarding, stiff little fingers, strong bad, system of a down, the forgotten, the mafia, thinking, tiger army, walking, web design, website design, writing, writing books, writing poems, writing short stories
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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