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User:kiko (43687)
Website:Take What You Can
Location:Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
AOL IM:DiGiTAL SPOTS (Add Buddy, Send Message)


Name: Ask.
Alias: Kiko. Fayree. "Blaise". Billy. Lennie. Make up your own.
Age: Heh! Like I'd tell you. Why don't you guess. XD
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland, United States.
Ethnicity Vietnamese
Short Description Opinionated, very random, Slytherin, moody, a complete bitch [only when I want to be], helpful, caring, a tad obsessive...

Books: Harry Potter series, the Sevenwaters Trilogy, various books from Tanya Huff, fantasy and thriller books.
Music: Various music such as swing, jazz, classical, oldies as well as modern bands and J-Pop. Current favorites- "In the Mood" and Jimmy Eat World.
Movies:The Matrix movies, the X-Men movies, Billy Madison, the Harry Potter movies, A Little Princess, more.
Actors/Actresses Alyson Hannigan, Eliza Dushku, Orlando Bloom -drool-, Jackie Chan, Jet Li.
Anime/Manga: Ayashi no Ceres, Fushigi Yûgi, Chobits, Angelic Layer, Wish, Magic Knights Rayearth, Aa! Megami-sama, Revolutionary Girl Utena, more.
Characters [HP]: Fred and George Weasley, Draco Malfoy, James Potter, Professor McGonagall, more. ^^;
Others: The color green, lilies and orchids, the Slytherin house, Orange Story, drawing, web designing, HTML, Neo-Paganism, video games, role-playing, Disney productions.

Books: Historical fictions.
Music: Country music -shudders-
Movies: Drama type movies, Spiderman, more.
Anime/Manga: Yu-gi-oh, more.
Characters [HP]: Percy Weasley, Harry Potter, Cho Chang, Rita Skeeter, Professor Umbridge.
Others: People who can't type properly, people who give up before they try, people who are close-minded, hypocrites, people who IM you with "sup?" and then don't say anything for the next ten minutes, "ASL?", daisies, the color yellow, jack-asses who think they're so cool, people who accuse others of being "posers" when they don't even know the meaning of the word, people who label, people in general, and Republicans-- well, government in general as it is usually corrupt.


from Ruki
From offcenter for my birthday.

from Moko
From mokona_onna for my birthday.

from ushichan
From ushichan_haru for my birthday.

from Momo
From momo for my birthday.

from Moko
From mokona_onna for being a part of her pirate crew.

Well, that's all the cards I have here... Thanks to everyone who gave me a card. I *heart* you all!


layout master
From gomeep for having nice layouts.

most friendly
From gomeep for being friendly.

most helpful
From gomeep for being helpful.

most unique
From gomeep for being unique.

most unique
Won from starri_awards for being most unique.

super nova
Won from starri_awards for being a "super nova" [best all around].

most friendliest
Won from divineawards for being friendly.

best icons
Won from moon_flow for having the best icons.

best bio
Won from moon_flow for having the best bio.

most friendly
Won from moon_flow for being the most friendly.

most helpful
Won from moon_flow for being the most helpful.

all star
Won from moon_flow for being the all star.

Thanks to gomeep for the spiffy awards and anyone who might've voted for me! You guys rock my socks. ^___^


The following are my siblings from all around- not just Blurty. Check them out sometime- I'm sure they'd love to have you drop by!







The Peach Formally Known as Rikku


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The following is a button for all you Kiko fans out there to link back to me as one of your siblings! Soo... link back to me! ^___^ But remember to upload the image to your own server if you do. And don't forget to leave a comment in my Blurty so that I may link to you back!

Link me!

Memories:3 entries
Interests:101: acting, air, angelic layer, animals, anime, armitage, astral projection, beach, beater, being hyper, being strange, being weird, book stores, bothering people, breezes, candles, cardcaptor sakura, ceres, charmed, chobbits, clamp, corners, cows, dark ages, darkness, daughter of the forest, draco malfoy, dragonball, dragonball z, earth, elves, elvish, faeries, fire, flying, food, forests, fred and george weasley, fred weasley, fushigi yugi, gamecube, harry potter, hogwarts, inu yasha, jeff foxworthy, jokes, lakes, legend of zelda, lightning, lord of the rings, love hina, magick, manga, middle ages, mononoke-hime, moo, moon, movies, music, nature, neo-paganism, night, no da, planet ladder, playing video games, pranks, pyrokinesis, quidditch, rain, ranma 1/2, rayearth, reading, revolutionary girl utena, role playing, romeo and juliet, sarcasm, scaring local children, sevenwaters trilogy, shakespheare, sleep, slytherin, soccer, storms, suncoast, swords, tarot, telekinesis, the elements, the last vampire series, the matrix, the middle ages, theatre, thunder, tight spaces, water, weasley twins, wicca, wind, wolves, writing, x-men
Friends:51: ainoassassin, animeicons, arucard, berrynai, bondageseraph, calmexterior, claim_an_item, collywobbles, demios, do_or_die, e7h3r0us, ellone, fur_foot, gomeep, greenangel, ichigo, jamapi, kamuro, kiko, kimono, kusakabe, kyoami, lithium, milkis, mokona_onna, momo, moon_flow, nabeshin, offcenter, phwoar, pikanyaa, pumpkinpatch, recycled, regalia, sakebi, seras, shin_no_miko, shiuan_shiuan, slack, souma_kyo, surreal, tasuki_no_miko, tenjou_utena, theartbook35, ushichan_haru, veritas, wasureruinu, weirded, _hikaru, _queenofhearts_, _umi
Friend of:86: acacia, ainoassassin, ameko, arucard, atomh62, azrael, bamboo72, belial, bluedragonness, cabbit, calmexterior, demios, doctweezer44, do_or_die, draconian_blade, e7h3r0us, ellone, fairie, firefly_grave, forever_, foxah, fur_foot, gomeep, gray, greenangel, ichigo, invincible_kt, i_love_inuyasha, jamapi, juuhachigou, kao, kawaii_momiji, kiko, kimani, kusakabe, kyoami, kyoshiro, lithium, m0rbid_thoughtz, magicalmuggle, mishi, mod7th_des, mokona_onna, momo, nabeshin, namekslavegirl, naruto, nekami, nuri_chan, o0opyralishao0o, offcenter, phwoar, pumpkinpatch, purinsesu, rachaelthegreat, recycled, rollwithit, ruki, sakebi, seansbabygirl, seras, shin_no_miko, shiuan_shiuan, simbiani, slack, slytherinwillow, surreal, tasuki_no_miko, thatgirlyeah, thedarksoul, theridd, tinyxstar, twisted_kiwi, uotani, ushichan_haru, veritas, wasureruinu, weirded, whitestripegirl, wishonastar, youmakemesmile8, _delusional_, _equivocal, _hikaru, _rikku_, _umi
Member of:8: animeicons, anime_defenders, claim_an_item, claim_a_neko, divineawards, hp_rpg_ads, quirkies, xslytherinx
Account type:Early Adopter

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