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Below is user information for Kikikins. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:kiki_ (252858)
Location:New York, New York, United States
AOL IM:Kiss Kikii (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Start at my lips
kiss them.. softly
feel them... soft as silk
treat them.. with kindness
work them slowly with passion

More down from my lips
down to my neck
kiss it...softly
feel it.. soft like my lips
like it... with pleasure
work your tounge slowly with lust...

Move down from my neck
down to my breasts soft breasts
kiss them ...tenderly
stroke them... with your thumbs
treat them... with your tounge
work your lips over them hungrily

Move down from my chest
down to my stomach
kiss it... softly... feel it...
treat it... with your kisses
user your tounge as well...Mmm yes baby

Move down lower still
yeah, right there
suck, kiss, lick, feel...
you're there don't stop
you're journey is over...

But hey... to me the pleasure
has just begun....

[ Pb Christina Aguilera ]
Interests:20: bars, bunnies, dancing, dirty dancing the movie, eyes, friends, guys who ride motorcycles, hands, kids, lips, lollipops, motorcycle racing, music, paiting, pink roses, puppies, sex, singing, sketching, wine
Friends:10: adam_greene, andie4u, ayu_shinichiro, jason_black, lorena_lopez, northbrooks_rpg, rissa_brooks, sunny_sonya, tamani_mai, tucker_rees
Friend of:47: adam_greene, adam_mount, aiden_maitland, alexei_ivanov, alyssa_jordan, amber_valencia, andie4u, audra_masters, ayu_shinichiro, ben_carter, beth_storms, blake_carter, caleb_osbourne, daemonxbierl, dane_austin, danii_black, dory_arion, ethan_stone, gemma_taylor, hotforyou, jason_black, kalesta_james, kaycoa_dayton, kendall_k, kia_hahn, klaus_atkinson, kody_harris, kyle_brandt, lorena_lopez, lovelyjennifer, lucie_ballard, madison_lindsay, meghan_cole, mika_duante, morgan_atkinson, nbu_mods, rissa_brooks, rjc_lopez, saraimontgomery, shanazell_buman, shilara_woods, steven_hardy, sunny_sonya, tamani_mai, terri_lirson, willow_james, _mathilda
Member of:1: northbrooks_rpg
Account type:Free User

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