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Below is user information for Coral Valo. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:kidsia (76486)
Name:Coral Valo
Location:Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
ICQ UIN: 18655381 (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:i claimed Ville Valo's cock at claim_a_cock
i claimed Apocalyptica at claimyourband
i claimed
1. Helminthophobia (Fear of being infested with worms)
2. Sitophobia (Fear of food or eating)
3. Soteriophobia (Fear of dependence on others)
at claim_your_fear

I GothicLolitas

Adopt Your Own Emo Kid!</center>

I To Wish Impossible Things

// rainy afternoon
Fan: Men in Makeup
Normal people scare me
Obsession Y Alberto
I believe [in karma: what you give is what you get returned] // affirmation
accents are sexy
Lip Gloss Freak
ddr --> dream a dream
How cool is it to not know...
got somethin you wanna
say to me?
songs of faith and devotion fan
Heart-stealer // [THE CURE]
I'm Robert Smith*s lollipop
Sometimes the things you think will never happen...happen
Interests:105: 69 eyes, afroken, alberto, alternative music, autumn, bam margera, being alone, black, black eyeliner, black polish, bleeding, blow jobs, boys, cakes, care bears, castles, chapstick, cheese, chocolate, clouds, coffins, count duckula, curly hair, cute little dead girl, daffy duck, decay, depeche mode, dolls, dracula, elves, emo, england, fairies, fairuza balk, fallen angels, fangs, feathers, ferrets, finch, finland, fishnets, forgeting, freaks, fucking, germany, girlie things, goth, halloween, hand jobs, harry potter, hbk, hello kitty, him, horror films, hot topic, hugs, ice cream, ireland, jthm, kane, kisses, kissing, lasagna, laughing, laughter, lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick, lust, midnight syndicate, monkeys, monsters, my little ponny, nail polish, naps, pigs, placebo, rain, rainbown brite, raw, reading, rock, rvd, sanrio, scotland, sesame street, shopping, sleeping, some girls, starvation, strawberry shortcake, sucking, taking back sunday, the cure, tongue jobs, united kingdom, vampires, ville valo, watermelons, werewolves, wings, winter, writing, wwe, zombies
Friends:26: ashinfulleffect, band_icons, catacombs, claim_your_fear, death_doll, drunkentheory, emeraldhot, heartagram, joinmeindeath, kinkystar, lesarath, lilith, miserymachine, morbid_icons, pikarachel25, pixiecat, quizdiva, slodust, smalam, supersexysweeti, urdska, weekendlove, xcunt, xfallenfatex, xgenocidex, _giovanna
Account type:Early Adopter

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