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Below is user information for keygoboom<3. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:keyygoboom (873447)
Website:my blurty, bitches.
Location:New York, United States
AOL IM:keyy go boom (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:don't got one. (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:don't got one.
Jabber:wtf is a jabber?
basically, i'm fucking rad. <-- my online boyfriend. it's hilarious.

Cause i'm young and im black and my hat's real low.

Lame things, about me.

♥♥♥ @#$ keyy go around, ect....
.likes to think she's 'of' the african american decent
.not a bitch
.fashion whore
.addicted to shopping
.lives for the moment
.has leg spasms
.likes boys
.eats healthy...most of the time
.hates girls who deny that they have dirty minds
.likes loves to sleep
.a good friend
.extremely impatient
.scented candles
.second child
.likes it when guys buy her flowers
.has a problem trusting people
.hates math
.will be famous
.dyes her hair
.addicted to lipgloss
.porn addict
.care what people think
.over accessorizes
.bites her nails
.got the hell out of new york
.porn star
.trips....a lot
.video games
.unhealthy obsession with shoes
.hates cleaning
.wears little boy's shirts
.always has something to say
.♥'s harry potter
.cell phone
.making people smile
.warm blankets
.people who don't call when they say they will
.laffy taffy junkie
.keyy ♥
.hates when people criticize her
.repeats lines from movies
.a sucker for a sweet talker
.scared of storms
.free hugs
.doesn’t like girls
.night owl
.eats waaayyy too much
.listens to music much too loud
.talks to strangers
.likes spending hours in bookstores
.random road trips
.derek jeter
.curses too much
.huge computer nerd
.has a lot of lovers
.gets headaches... a lot
.never satisfied with her hair
.apple juice
.making out
.gets scared easily
.dresses up for shits and giggles
.think before she speaks
.late night phone calls
.having her hair played with
.meeting new people
.funny faces
.has had a difficult life, but believes herself to be a better person because of it
.thrill rides
.Is not going to fuck you…ever
.hates girls who say likohmygosh
.reuniting with old friends
.♥'s her flatiron
.extremely fidgety
.staring at beautiful people
.the smell of clothes when they have just come out of the dryer
.terribly insecure, tell her she's beautiful, and she'll laugh in your face
.misses him
.a fucked up girl
.♥'s peach smoothies
.smiles too much
.awkward silences on the phone
.is sure you used to make fun of her…& you might still do it; grow the fuck up!
.has a unique fashion sense; you either like it or you don’t
.regrets she has broken a few ♥'s
.not trendy
.used to be depressed
.likes being kissed
.black & white
.kid at ♥
.metrosexuals make her swoon
.terrified of tornadoes & spiders
.dudette, not dude
.♥best friend♥
.messy & disorganized
.braces made her teeth straight
.the feeling right before you sneeze
.pretty things
.room’s always a mess
.tiny attention span
.blonde moments
.new york city♥
.the ocean
.will ferrel
.on blurty waaaay too much
.covers her eyes during scary movies
.gay boys
.is not even close to being hawwwt
.people fall in love with her
.doesn’t hold grudges
.used to let people walk all over her…still does, sometimes.
.lottery tickets
.drunken comment whore♥

-no, no's-
.animal cruelty
.mean people
.being alone
.seeing boys cry
.cold hands
.being outside
.small towns=gossip
.smoking, it takes 14 years off your life & kills ya know.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and a middle finger hiding in my pocket.

stay classy, blurt-ay.

Memories:19 entries
Interests:148: #10, , 42nd girlfriends, afi, agent orange, agnostic front, aim, alkaline trio, allister, alternative rock, anime, anti-flag, ashlee simpson, atticus, audio karate, autopilot off, avenged sevenfold, avoid one thing, bad religion, bam margera, bass guitars, big daddy, billy madison, blues clues, bouncing souls, box car racer, boyfriends, brand new, cartoons, cauterize, chris carabba, classic rock, coheed and cambria, coloring, comedy, converse, cream cheese, dead kennedys, dead milkmen, deadsy, death by stereo, death cab for cutie, designer hand bags, dreams, dropkick murpheys, emo, fairly odd parents, fenix tx, fez, friends, get up kids, glasses, glassjaw, green day, h2o, happy gilmore, invader zim, jj redick, johnny depp, jumping on the bed, kidney thieves, koolaid, kurt cobain, lagwagon, led zepplin, less than jake, logan, louie vuitton, mad caddies, madcap, marilyn manson, mario party, mark hoppus, matchbook romance, motion city soundtrack, mountian dew, movies, murderdolls, music, nailpolish, name taken, nirvana, nofx, over my dead body, owning, pearl jam, pennywise, phantom planet, pink, pirates of the carribean, playstation, poetry, poison the well, psychology, queen, ramones, rancid, reading, reo speedwagon, road trip, rocky horror picture show, roxy, s.t.u.n, school, screamo, sex pistols, shag, shopping, ska, skiing, slipknot, smashing pumpkins, snowboarding, south park, spongebob squarepants, stairwell, story of the year, styx, super mario world, swain, taking back sunday, that 70's show, the ataris, the beatles, the casualties, the clash, the cure, the damned, the distillers, the early november, the exploited, the movielife, the nightmare before christmas, the simpsons, the starting line, the unseen, the used, thrice, tom delonge, towelie, van halen, vanilla sky, video games, volcom, wayland boys, writing, yellowcard, yum pop
Friends:10: bloodierose, cutelikecancer, how2diealone, justsignbythex, myxownxdisaster, napalm_glamour, pink_polo, simplyblondex, wtf_420, __howitgoes
Friend of:30: b0i_crazee, bleed_so_pretty, bloodierose, blurredxvision, cutelikecancer, desipunk7, fevered_focus, flipjohnb, intentionsx, iwalk_alone, jade1o4, mickeyismodest, mrsxbrightside, myxownxdisaster, napalm_glamour, ohthats__tragic, purfuctdrug, roadheadrocks, roxy_chica_, scarredsmile, sheswhoshe_is, simplyblondex, xcrossmyheartxx, xemoc0re, xosweetbabistef, xsemicharmedx, xsingmeanything, xtxbxsx09, x_spillcanvas_x, ____10pm
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Account type:Free User

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