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Below is user information for Kewpie. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:kewpie (51041)
Location:United States
Bio:Kewpie here!

Anime/manga wise, I am a huge Lain, Tenchi Muyo, Marmalade Boy, Ceres, and Love Hina fan.

Look up "Bookworm" in the dictionary and you'll find my name. My favorite book is The Grey King, by Susan Cooper (go and read now!). The whole series is excellent. Harry Potter (JK Rowling), Cirque Du Freak (Darren Shan), and Pendragon (DJ McHale) are three other book addictions I fess up to!

I'm a true 80's child and love remanicing about old 80's cartoons (jem, turtles, mighty max, etc).

Here's my weather pixie so you always know what the temp is around my home!
The WeatherPixie

One of my MB icons was found at Anime Castle Graphics It's a bit abondoned, but I figured I'd give credit where do anyways. Pop Up Alert!!!

Memories:18 entries
Interests:95: 80's cartoons, acting, aladdin, aliens, aliens ate my homework, angel, anime, astro boy, auditions, aura, barbie, barbie and the rockers, beauty and the beast, bran, bruce coville, buffy the vampire slayer, c3po, cardcaptor sakura, carebears, charmed, cirque du freak, coca cola, collecting, columbia college, cowboy bebop, dancing, darren shan, devon sawa, disney, downloading, dumbo's circus, everwood, fire-us, friends, fushigi yugi, ghosts, gregory smith, guy williams, hans christian anderson, harry potter, hawkeyes, hockey, icons, jacen solo, jaina solo, jem and the holograms, ken, lilo and stitch, lion king, little mermaid, lobacca, magic, marmalade boy, monkees, my little pony, narnia, neverending story, new jedi order, newsies, notting hill, orlando bloom, orphan, past lives, pendragon, pepperoni pizza, pirates of the caribbean, precious moments, psychics, quidditch, reading, rod albright alien adventures, roswell, runes, serial experiments lain, seventh heaven, sharon lois and bram, sister act, skipper, smurfs, spells, spiderman, star wars, supernatural, takara jenny, tap, tarot, the dark is rising, the elephant show, the young ones, ufo's, university of iowa, witchs, wonder woman, you've got mail, zorro
Friends:8: bethfish, camintmier, donlaizat, jubilee, marajade, prezzemolo, queenselphie, stardust8212
Friend of:20: avalon5825, bethfish, bitterblonde, dancin_shoe, gcharlottefan, jlm1779, johspr1, jubilee, lady_raiden, marajade, marth, midnitelunar, pretty_cynic, prezzemolo, queenselphie, shido, sillychick04, stardust8212, sweetiepiejess, truelyurangel82
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Account type:Early Adopter

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