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Below is user information for Катя Лешинская. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ketsie (119852)
Name:Катя Лешинская
Location:Eugene, Oregon, United States
Bio:when everyone was fast asleep, the fog maiden sent token to wake us up. and we slid throught the curtains into the night. we floated across the grass, dancing on the dew, and met the elf horse. we all sang, "tra la, tra la, too lay, too lay, hop-a-doodle, hip-a-doodle, flip-a-doodle day." down the road we went, counting moons until we came to the troll house, but we were not afraid. we ate hot buttered bread and drank warm milk with honey, and dressed for the ball at the palace. the crocodiles danced a quadrille and the peacocks waltzed with doves and we all sang, "tra la, tra la, too lay, too lay, hop-a-doodle, hip-a-doodle, flip-a-doodle day." when the king and queen arrived, the play began. the lion roared while the gypsy slept, and the princess was saved by the sand serpent. the night was over and the fog maiden came to cover everything with her dress. she picked us up and floated over the trees to our very own window, where she tucked us into our beds and kissed us asleep.

The WeatherPixie

Memories:4 entries
Interests:40: abba, anthropology, archaeology, arvo part, bach, badly drawn boy, beaches, belle & sebastian, ben folds, books, boondock saints, bright eyes, colorguard, elliott smith, erasure, farscape, friendship, harrison ford, harry potter, henryk górecki, johnny depp, l33t, lord of the rings, marching band, mozart, orson scott card, palestrina, piercing, redwall, rimsky-korsakov, sci-fi, shel silverstein, snuggles, spider robinson, star trek, the beatles, tomie de paola, trampoline, x-files, you
Friends:4: chidoll, eryntzun, takeshiueda, uodaisy
Account type:Early Adopter

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