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User:kerry_weaver (38794)
Website:My Laura Innes Site
Location:Stirlingshire, Scotland
AOL IM:laurainnesfan (Add Buddy, Send Message)
ICQ UIN: 131845486 (Add User, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:laura_innes_actress_director (Add User, Send Message)

I'm Scottish...female...lesbian...26...single...


I'm a huge fan of Laura Innes. I think she is a fantastic actress. I was over the moon when TPTB made Laura's ER character, Dr. Kerry Weaver, a lesbian. I think Laura has portrayed the character really well.

My Laura Innes Groups --

MSN --
Yahoo! --


I love the music of Jim Steinman...I don't think there will ever be a songwriter/producer as amazing as him EVER!!! I like playing guitar, writing lyrics and composing music. I enjoy reading/writing Kerry Weaver fan fiction. I just bought a DVD player so I'm now a fan of DVDs.

Decided to write a list of DVDs I want/have --

Playing By Heart
Lara Croft Tomb Raider
The House Of Mirth
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
Hits Out Of Hell
Bette Midler – Diva Las Vegas
Bat Out Of Hell
The X-Files Movie
Girl, Interrupted
American Pie 1
American Pie 2
Star Trek: The Next Generation Box Set(s)
X-Files Box Set(s)
Stand By Me
Halloween Resurrection


Interests:128: abuse, abuse survivor, advocate, alanis morissette, alyssa milano, amanda ghost, angelina jolie, bats, beth nielsen chapman, bette midler, black, blood, books, boxer shorts, buffy, cartoons, cd's, charmed, christopher lee, composing music, count dooku, creed, curve, cutting, dance of the vampires, darth tyrannus, death, depression, diva, dracula, drawing, druids, dvds, elizabeth mitchell, email, er, fan fiction, first wives club, gandalf, gay pride, gay rights, gia, gillian anderson, girl interrupted, guitars, hmv, holly marie combs, ian mckellen, ice-cream, im, internet, iq tests, irn-bru, jeff hardy, jim steinman, judi dench, kerry weaver, kerry weaver fan fiction, kurt cobain, laura innes, lesbian, lesbians, limp bizkit, linkin park, lisa vidal, lita, lyrics, maggie smith, mark callaway, melissa etheridge, movies, music, music videos, my nephew, my nieces, my website, myths, nickelback, nirvana, oasis, paddington bear, pasta, peter pan, pink, pizza, playing by heart, poems, prozac, purple, razors, reading, salt, sandy lopez, saruman the white, scars, sean connery, self harm, self injury, self mutilation, sex and the city, si, staind, stephanie mcmahon, stockard channing, suicide, taking back our town, tara, tattoos, tears, the advocate, the house of mirth, the mighty, the simpsons, trish stratus, undertaker, vampires, vinyl, virginia andrews, weakest link, whistle down the wind, willow, witches, women, writing, writing fan fiction, writing lyrics, wwe, wwf
Friends:3: chispa, igotanewrose, lisainterrupted
Friend of:2: chispa, lisainterrupted
Account type:Early Adopter

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