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User:kelliebacker (155847)
Name:Kellie Backer
Website:My Official Site
AOL IM:hOnEyPiE4996 (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Hi, my name is Kellie Backer. I am an aspiring singer/actress but I am currently working as a model. Be sure to visit my official site here:
Interests:148: abercrombie and fitch, acting, aerosmith, american eagle, american idol, animals, armani, art, ashanti, astrology, avril lavigne, baby blue, bags, bands, beach, bebe, ben affleck, black, blush, boyfriends, boys, bracelets, brad pitt, breaking hearts, britney spears, buterflies, buttons, calvin klein, candles, chanel, cheerleading, cheeseburgers, clothes, clubbing, clueless, coffee, coke, comedies, computers, concerts, dancing, designer clothes, diamonds, dkny, dolce & gabbana, driving, dvds, eminem, enrique iglesias, express, eye shadow, faeries, fashion, fendi, fish, football, friends, getting a tan, gifts, gilmore girls, glitter, guess, hampsters, hard candy, hats, hurley, ice cream, instant messages, jeans, jennifer lopez, jennifer love hewitt, jewelery, jimmy choo, jimmy fallon, john galliano, justin timberlake, legally blonde, linkin park, lip gloss, lollipops, louis vuitton, madonna, magazines, make-up, meet the parents, michelle branch, miu miu, modeling, monkies, movies, mtv, music, my car, nachos, necklaces, nelly, nsync, nyc, online quizzes, partying, paul walker, people magazine, pink, pizza, playing guitar, prada, puppies, radio, ralph lauren, reese witherspoon, rings, roberto cavalli, rolling stone, school, sephora, shakira, shoes, shopping, sketchers, skirts, smallville, sneakers, snl, soda, sparkles, sports, sprite, style, surfing, survivor, sushi, taking pictures, tatoos, the lion king, the real world, the sound of music, the wizard of oz, tiffany & co., us weekly, usher, valentino, vanessa carlton, versace, victoria's secret, vin diesel, working out, ym, yoga
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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