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Below is information about the "The Keepers" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:keeper (18590)  
Name:The Keepers
About:Welcome to the Keepers a claims community were you can become the keeper of a certain someone's belongings. Read the rules.

The Rules

1. 1 claims per person. 1st 10 get 2 claims. After that, one.

2. Jrockers, Rockstars, Actors, Anime/Manga/Video Game/Book/Fantasy characters are allowed of any gender. BJ users or people you know personally are not allowed.

3. When stating your claim explain what you're the keeper of and where the person is from. Example: "I am the keeper of hide's guitars! hide is a jrocker!"

4. You may NOT claim a person's spirt, soul, heart, love, life, or Anything to do with their physical body. So no claims on so-in-so's ass or So-in-so's heart. However you can claim the clothes on their backs. :D

5. Claim in the community. Not Comments.

6. <.LJ-CUT.> Any banners or images you want to post.

7. uh have fun! *can't think of anything else now*

Interests:16: anime, bishounen, claiming, claiming things, claims, clothes, guitars, hide, items, jrock, kamijo, keeping things, lareine, manga, stuff, x japan
Members:53: aragon, ashre, aspiring, babygirljade, berylla, bmogroupie, burning_wind, casval_daikun, crawling, d0rkywhitegirl, deathbed, death_talks, delcj, empressleona, enox, fraisy, fur_foot, geeklikewoah_, gryffin_fan, hanyou, himegarnet, himiko, hypodermic, i_love_inuyasha, kamijo, kanariya, katsuya, kawaiidreamer14, kurt_cobain, kyoami, lbchan, mokona_onna, monoxide_child, narusegawa_san, naruto, offcenter, punk3d_owt, pyradragongirl, sakebi, smiling_facade, star_kitten, sunlight, tasuki_no_miko, trustyouforever, twisted_kiwi, ukiya_yumi, xtviruskissesx, x_harlequin_x, yami, youseiziploc, yugifangirl, _setsuna, __dirtystars__
Watched by:10: d0rkywhitegirl, delcj, enox, i_love_inuyasha, kamijo, kurt_cobain, kyoami, twisted_kiwi, ukiya_yumi, _setsuna
Account type:Early Adopter

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