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User:kathy21 (948841)  
Location:Copperas Cove, Texas, United States
Bio:hum, Well I'd like to think I'm different! But then at time that doesn't go so well...About Me let's see, I more interested in things I want to do rather than things I need to do! Tuff to explain but you'll catch on eventually! For the most part I feel I'm real and not as demanding as I might come off.. I like to talk over a problem but certainly dont like to fix something that's already broke...I'm not really interested in relationships, really I think, they're just a waist of time because eventaully bye bye you go like to explore my options before I jump in the that's to say honesty takes you very far with me...I like to think that anyone that runs in to me will forever be remembered by me, I'm one that appreciates good or bad inovisions that come way! I feel I learn or rather they leave something for me to work with when they're gone..meaning I can either fall and stay down or take what they showed me and rise above it......!.Can you handle it!!!
Interests:6: boys!! not being alone, humor, knowledge, listening, understanding, wisdom
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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