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Below is user information for kathe. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:kathe (152453)
Website:+ notte quarters +
Location:Macau, Macau, Macau
Bio:known as kathe, as well as kata, and not to mention a whole lot of weird and crazy nicknames (I'm not listing it out, heh).

aged 20, majoring in Tourism Studies, Higher Diploma graduate, currently studying on Bachelor degree.

enjoys reading. yeah reading. Fanfiction, lovely fanfiction. Harry/Draco. yep, it has to be uke!Draco, XD movies are fun. music = oxygen. bloggin/journaling a must. art a past time. sports when accompanied.

I do have a separate blog, this Blurty account is mainly for... um... socializing purposes... and multiple-entries. I make cross-posts in my blog and this journal anyway (then WHY keep a separate blog, or, WHY keep this blurty? ans: I really have no idea)
I generally try to write funny things. Well, considering stupid things happen in my life... I guess it will be my level of the English language that determines whether I write funny or not... duh...

problem tired and can't think of what else to write, hehe

"Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice."
Psalms 63:7

Memories:1 entry
Interests:74: animals, anne rice, c.s. lewis, calvin and hobbes, cg, chobits, computers, cooking, darren shan, dead can dance, death, deep forest, digi charat, discworld, dogs, draco malfoy, dragon quest, dragons, earthsea, enigma, enya, evanescence, fantasy novels, fb swaps, friends, garfield, glen duncan, good charlotte, gregorian, harry/draco, haven, hellsing, history, jane austen, jk rowling, jrr tolkien, kingyo chuiiho!, languages, mai kuraki, maksim mrvica, michelle branch, movies, music, mythology, naomi tamura, nature, neopets, no angels, noir, okui masami, peanuts, philip pullman, photography, plushies, postcards, print clubs, puyo puyo, quotes, reading, rhapsody, rincewind, slayers, sms, snailmail, stamps, tarot, terry pratchett, the luggage, vampires, water color art, writing, x japan, yonekura chihiro, yuzu
Friends:23: 1warrior, asiangeneration, bakedgoods, cookieordie, dailyprophet, dismal_silence, glittergoth83, incoherent_x, inlineblue, jenipher, joshnjess7688, newfriends, occult_studies, potterholic, readingroom, sio_ma, so0damnpretty, sui_un, sweetened_dream, unsettledchild, vampires_exist, wan, yulanda
Friend of:11: 1warrior, cookieordie, dismal_silence, incoherent_x, inlineblue, jenipher, sio_ma, sui_un, sweetened_dream, unsettledchild, wan
Member of:8: asiangeneration, bakedgoods, dailyprophet, newfriends, occult_studies, potterholic, readingroom, vampires_exist
Account type:Early Adopter

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