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Below is user information for Kate the Poo-Slinging Monkey. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:katemonkey (65628)
Name:Kate the Poo-Slinging Monkey
Location:United Kingdom
AOL IM:DymphnaNet (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:From my MeFi profile:

I was raised among the feral spider monkeys of Los Angeles, living in the palm trees, eating oranges swiped from men selling them on street corners, and stealing small shiny objects from D-list celebrities.

I was adopted by the Quasars, a rogue street gang of scientists. When they found me, I was just reaching maturity, sadly discovering that my huge pink hairless appendages could no longer steal the oranges my simian brothers and sisters craved. The scientists took me in, taught me basic living skills, and then handed me a computer. When my typing skills rivaled even the best of their carefully-trained scriptwriting chimpanzees (notorious for such films as Jack Frost, Stepmom, and the classic Beaches), they knew they had reached their goal.

They released me back into the wild, shipping me to England to adapt to cold weather and discover the mystery of Brown Sauce. I am currently residing there, collecting several centuries' worth of pop culture artifacts and still missing the shrieks and excrement-throwing of my primate siblings.
Interests:27: being mean, bullying, chris morris, cunty bollocks, derek & clive, dykeadelic, fandom wank, femmeslash, femslash, flame wars, flippancy, fuck, fucking with things, girlslash, homoeroticism, homosamurai, homosexuality, lesbianism, metafilter, pissing off bnfs, pointing and laughing, profanity, queerness, slash, sleep, snark, wanking
Friends:37: amatia, arkane156, babyjesus, backfromspace, brigid31, coreopsis, dine, dolores, embitca, ereshkigal, evil_man, fandom_wank, icebun, ideology_wank, ilexa, iphignia939, ktnb, lasayla, lindamarie, megolas, minim_calibre, misswindy, o0hugsnkisses0o, obsessedmuch, omega_h, otps_r_us, pearlo, renjenri, slippery_fish, snuh, stubbleglitter, support, syxer7, thesnarkyone, theterrorists, twinkledru, voleuse
Friend of:23: amatia, arkane156, backfromspace, dine, dolores, embitca, ereshkigal, evil_man, icebun, ilexa, iphignia939, ktnb, lasayla, lindamarie, minim_calibre, o0hugsnkisses0o, obsessedmuch, omega_h, pearlo, renjenri, slippery_fish, stubbleglitter, twinkledru
Member of:1: ideology_wank
Account type:Early Adopter

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