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User:katedagreat17 (617159)  
Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Bio:To be totally cliché...I'm not your typical teenage girl.

But really I'm not.

I think everyone has secrets and inner thoughts that sometimes they just want to get out without repercussions and I know I am one of those people. I tend to get myself in trouble with saying stuff I shouldn't say, not behind people's backs, I pride myself on being direct and honest, but sometimes those two qualities can be faults as well. Like when you ask for the truth, you get the truth from me. And I'm also Italian-Irish so that could explain why I have such a quick temper, another thing that tends to get me in trouble a lot.

So, a few adjectives to describe me:

Loving, passionate, caring, charismatic, funny, intelligent, intellectual, honest, secretive, sexy, amorous, flirty, sweet, a bitch when people piss me off, sensual, headstrong, powerful, strong, determined, diligent, dedicated, loyal...

okay, so maybe that was more than a few, but do you get the idea? I could go on and on about why I am the way I am, I really could but if you want to know some of it go to my diaryland diary, (, I might update it every now and then but for now I'm gonna be writing in here.

Name: Kate
AKA: Katie, Caterina, Katrina, Catherine (basically every derivative of Kate), DICK, Venus, Cleo, K-Train, Capt. Kate, WEED, and of mob name "Donny"
Height/Weight/Measurements: 5'7", 112, 34-24-36 1/2
Ethnic Background: Irish, Italian, Hungarian, Scottish, French, Greek, Belgian
Hair/Eye Color: Blond/BLUE-Grey-Green-ish lol
Occupation: Part-time @ a Dr.'s office doing Data Entry BORING JOB DON'T EVER DO IT! lol, and Junior in HS
Statz: Single but totally head over heels for this guy and it's just ridiculous that we're not together yet, but he lives a little ways away so...I dunno what's up with that
Lives With: Mom (Luisa), Dad (Mike), Sister (Giulia), Dog (Lola), Fish ("Caesar" but my mom really named him Simon-Peter but whatever I still call him Caesar lol)
Best Friends: sister Giulz, cousin Megan, Carly, L.J., cousin Vinnie, cousin A.J., Nick

Interests:112: aim, alcohol, american eagle, anthropology, archeology, art, baby phat, bahamas, basketball, beach, beaches, belly dance, bhangra, biology, bonfires, cds, christmas, citrine, claude monet, clothes, cop shows, cuddling, dancing, diamonds, dolce & gabbana, dooney & burke, drawing, drinking, drums, dvds, eagles, ecko red, egyptology, elizabeth peters, fall, fashion, flyers, football, greek food, gucci, guitar, handbags, high-heels, hip-hop, history, hugging, hugs, ice hockey, indian music, indiana jones movies, italian food, jazz, jewelry, joseph fiennes, kate spade, kisses, kissing, louis vuitton, love, mexican food, movies, museums, music, novels, ocean, painting, parties, partying, pasta, piano, piercings, poetry, prada, r&b, rap, reading, reebok, religion, running, salsa, sapphires, sex, shakespeare, shoes, sixers, skiing, snowboarding, south pole, st. patrick's day, stilettos, summer, swimming, tacos, tamales, tanning, tattoos, the beach, the godfather, the mummy, the mummy returns, theatre, topaz, track & field, tv, versace, violin, von dutch, wetseal, william shakespeare, winter, world music, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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