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User:kataclysmic (934871)
Website:My livejournal.
Location:Lancaster, United Kingdom
AOL IM:GeekTragedy04 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Mexx. Katharine. Kat. Ginger. Leo. Year of the Tiger. Strange relation to cats. Losing the plot. 5ft9. Kind of kinky. Obsessive Fangirl. Book fan. Angel Fan. Buffy Fan. Harry Fan. Stargate fan. Doctor Who fan. Firefly fan. Joss whore. Insane. Chatty. Bitchy. Slash whore. Affinity for evil blond men. Likes Kill Hannah, Jump Little Children, Basement Jaxx, Pulp, Bob Dylan, HIM & Liz Phair. Lusting after Angel, Spike, Lex Luthor and Captain Jack Harkness.

Mexx, also known in real life as Katharine, is an English Lit major at Lancaster University. She's a big geek, and well aware of this. In her spare time she writes a fair bit, reads, and spends a considerable amount of time online. She also drinks more than is strictly necessary, but has fun doing so (unless of course it's rum, which truely is a vile drink).
Interests:136: 1984, aeroball, aim, aimee mann, alanis morissette, alias grace, almost famous, amanda marshall, ancient egypt, angel, angelus, ani difranco, anna begins, black, books, btvs, buffy, buffy/mal, christian kane, christopher eccleston, civil liberties, counting crows, d/hr, dashboard confessional, david boreanaz, david tennant, doctor who, doctor/jack, doctor/rose, draco malfoy, draco/harry, draco/hermione, egypt, egyptian mythology, eliza dushku, english literature, equal rights, european history, everclear, eyeliner, faith, fan fiction, feminism, free speech, friends, gary oldman, george orwell, goo goo dolls, green day, greenwheel, grizedale, guns and roses, harry potter, harry potter fanfiction, harry/draco, history, hole, hoobastank, hugh jackman, jack harkness, jack o'neill, jack off jill, jackson brown, james marsters, james patterson, jann arden, jezebel red, john barrowman, joydrop, kane, kill hannah, lancaster, lancaster university, leather boots, literature, logan, logan/scott, lost, louis de bernieres, louise rennison, lusu, margaret atwood, marquis de sade, matchbox twenty, matrix, michelle branch, mini!jack, mini!otp, mini!sam, movies, music, once more with feeling, orange, our lady peace, people watching, photoshop, pink, pink wellies, poe, poetry, procrastinating, psychology, pulp, punk, quills, reading, red hair, rock, rose/doctor/jack, rose/ten, sam carter, sam/jack, sarah mclachlan, sawyer, sg-1, shakespeare, shannon/boone, sirius/remus, slash, slytherin, snow, spike, stargate, stargate sg1, stratford, sugarcult, sugarhouse, ten/rose, the mummy, the sundays, thunder storms, tom lenk, ust, william shakespeare, writing, x-men
Friends:1: pulsarnews
Account type:Free User

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