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User:karl1569 (967851)  
Name:Karl Steeves
Location:Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Bio:I am very sarcastic and an over analyzer. I enjoy playing a video game for 6 hours straight while listening to political science lectures by Noam Chronsky and economics lectures by Ron Paul. At certain points in life I give the impression of the dumbed down flock of America, rotting my brain to frivolous entertainment and fruitless works of video game progression. Other times I will invest an entire night into studying a subject of political or religious (usually anti religious) interest, trying to grasp at every f of information I can find. I understand the importance of mindless entertainment; it allows a complex mind to dumb itself down. Some say "simple things for a simple mind" I say "simple things for a great mind in dire need of simple things". I care about humanity, I care about the world, I care about myself. I also feel hopeless in the future of all said things, including myself.

This Blurty is meant for the purpose of keeping a record of all my notes, thoughts and discoveries as I research the topics in history that are shaping the way America is forming today. Federal Reserve, Hitler, WW2, Iraq, Iran, Blow back, Patriot Act, 9/11, Mussolini, economics, and the IRS to name a few.

I am a Libertarian and I believe strongly in the Constitution and the ideals of personal liberty to conduct your life as you see fit (even harming it if desired) as long as your actions don't infringe on the rights and capabilities of others to live the same way. The less government we have, the better off our lives are, as the more power you give to government the more power you take away from your own liberties to govern your own lives.
Interests:28: 1. the sandlot, 10. braveheart, 2. boondock saints, 3. v for vendetta, 4. blood diamond, 5. schindler's list, 6. band of brothers, 7. napoleon dynamite, 8. the princess bride, a good nap, america: freedom to fascism, baseball (watching and playing), chess, famiy guy, gambling, good food, good liquors, good win, honorable mentions - zeitgiest, house, music, my entertainment interests:, peanuts, red sox, sex and boobs, simpsons, south park, wow
Friends:1: goomah
Account type:Free User

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