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User:kangarooofdoom (65733)
Name:Chemical Smile
Location:Morgantown, West Virginia, United States
AOL IM:Raye of Sunlight (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:wvudramachick (Add User, Send Message)
Who Am I?

I'm just your typical girl. I'm 19 although sometimes I feel like I'm going on 30. I'm in college and I'm a theater major but what I want to do with my life changes everyday. I'm young but I believe I have an old soul along with a few old joints. Those of you that are astrology buffs will notice that I'm a Pisces, which more often than not means I'm ruled by my emotions.

My name is Traci and a few close friends occasionally call me Kanga. I have a weak immune system so you'll hear me complain about being/feeling sick a lot. I try to get on with doing things though.

I'm a fiercely loyal person but I'm also tend to be an extremely quick tempered person. But give me long enough and I usually calm down.

I'm very slowly starting to venture into the world of body modification and currently have my ears pierced three times (the third holes have closed up), my nose pierced and a tattoo. I love them all a lot.

I also love music. I love all kinds of music and I usually need to have music on no matter what I'm doing. Everclear is my favorite band and I dream of seeing them live one day. My mind works overtime and music is really the only way I can get it to take a break sometimes.

Also my religion plays a big part in my life. I'm constantly struggling toward a stronger faith, so if that makes you uncomfortable, don't hesitate to let me know. I won't remove/not add you to my friends list. I'll simply filter you out of entries where I discuss my faith. I understand that religion is a personal choice and a lot of people have no desire to read about someone else's religion. You can always IM me or e-mail if you feel uncomfortable letting me know this in a comment. I don't bite. ;)

So this is my journal. This is my life. Sometimes it will be silly and you will laugh. Sometimes it will be serious and you will feel sad. Sometimes I will bear my soul and you might just feel my pain. Remember that I am inviting you in, you are a guest and I am your tour guide. So keep your hands and feet inside the cart and enjoy the ride.

I see you roll your eyes
You know it makes me smile
You are like the sun to me
Bright as liquid fire
I feel so powerless
To hold you up above the world
You are quite a lot of trouble
Such a pretty little girl
Such a pretty little girl
You know I'm never home
I'm always miles and miles away
I feel I'm runnin' out of time
Say the things I need to say

Call you on the telephone
You will not talk to me
Yeah you just don't understand
You are my everything
Anna, Anna
Tell me what you want
Tell me what you need
Anna, Anna, you are never alone
You are never alone
Anna, Anna
Tell me what you want
Tell me what you need
Anna, Anna, you are never alone
You are never alone
I like to watch you play
When you don't know I'm there
See you in your sleep at night
Reach out and touch your hair

I wanna make this world
Be just how you want it to be
Yeah you just don't understand
You're my everything
Anna, Anna
Tell me what you want
Tell me what you need
Anna, Anna, you are never alone
You are never alone
Interests:115: acting, acting goofy, acting like a badass, aim, alanis morisette, alicia keys, animal planet, aquateen hunger force, beagles, beatles, being happy, being in love, being me, ben folds five, billy joel, bloodhound gang, boxcar racer, bullshitting, bush, cake, candles, cats, chapstick, cher, chicago, chocolate, christianity, conan o'brien, cracking my knees, cuddling, dashboard confessional, days off, dc talk, derrrrr, digital cameras, distillers, distorted penguins, dixie chicks, dmb, dogs, eddie izzard, emiliana torrini, eminem, everclear, ewan mcgregor, faith hill, food, fuzzy hats, garth brooks, god, grammar, green day, harry potter, having money, improving my faith, invader zim, j'lo, jars of clay, jesus, jewel, jumping on you, kissing, laughing, lip gloss, ludacris, m*a*s*h, make-up, making faces, making friends, michelle branche, midtown, miss fersen, moobies, moulin rouge, music, musicals, my cell phone, my friends, my nose stud, my weirdness, nail polish, naps, nelly, nirvana, norah jones, not studying, ok go, online diaries/journals, orange soda, ozzy osbourne, passing classes, piercings, punk shows, radiohead, rascal flatts, savage garden, scaring little kids, scratching itches, seven mary three, shakira, showers, simon and garfunkel, singing, skanking in my room, stroke 9, supertones, tattoos, the big jc, the clarks, the internet, tv, wal-mart, webcam, weezer, white stripes
Friends:5: body_mods, colorblind14, everclear, kangarooofdoom, sharptattoos
Friend of:2: colorblind14, kangarooofdoom
Member of:3: body_mods, everclear, sharptattoos
Account type:Early Adopter

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