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Below is user information for kandy. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:kandyfloss (876212)  
Location:sheffield, A small bed in crookesmoor, United Kingdom
Bio:Well.... the most blatant fact about me at the moment is that I'm not infact in my small bed in sheffield :( Im actually in China on a gap year thingy after uni.
I didn't actually stay in Sorby... but I have a loyalty to that particular hall of residence! :)

Smiley face overload! If you read my journal.. I hope you find it vaguely interesting (why else would it be here online for anyone to read?) If it was just to please myself it'd be private!!

Happy reading,

Interests:88: adsl, aiping mu, aldous huxley, anhua gao, asimov, aubergines, baby bash, babylon 5, bad jokes, bar blu, barbie, beijing, big cats, books, brains, buffy, candyfloss, celicas, cheetahs, chinese, cocktails, dance, disco dancing, douglas adams, driving, electric toothbrushes, environment, enya, farscape, films, footballers wives, frank herbert, franz ferdinand, frouk, fuzz club, galaxy105, garage, geeks, george orwell, glam, goodness gracious me, hairdressers, hanson, heels, hong ying, indie, internet, jason turner, jung chang, leopards, lilac, linux lion, london, ma jian, margaret atwood, mascara, mobile phones, music, narcotic thrust, pandas, parties, picnics, pink, poachers, psychology, pumas, rasputina, science fiction, shapeshifters, sheffield, shoes, silliness, six feet under, sleep, socks, sophie kinsella, sorby, special d, special k, spirits, star trek, the shamen, tigers, trees, university, vegetarianism, vegetarians, vs.
Friends:7: didjusaygoo, hentai_riotchic, icontastic, ratpackmember, supavycksta, trixygrl81, whatusername
Friend of:3: hentai_riotchic, supavycksta, whatusername
Member of:1: icontastic
Account type:Free User

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