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User:kana_hime (69640)
Website:Panda bondage, baby.
Location:Tokyo, Japan
AOL IM:x pandabondage x (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I am Kana. I sing about the people who live in the woods. Until I found my
songs I was unable to talk with humans very well. For a while I was always
alone; I would go to the mountains to play and made friends with the bugs
who lived there. At that time I sensed an indescribable feeling about the
mountains, and when I was there I could relax. But now those mountains have
been destroyed and have become homes for old people. It was sad. But in my
heart they are still living, and I live for the sake of the woods, so I live
in the woods and sing. You see, it is "Kana no Mori" that is on my CD
jackets, and my figure is in the protective color, which becomes green in
the winter, yellow in the spring, and red from time to time. At my concerts
I also try to create "Kana no Mori." But even though it is the woods there
are no trees or foliage; the woods are in my heart.
No one can say anything, this is the place and way in which I have chosen to
live. If you find you like my woods then come and play, ne?

[the above passage is from the wonderful site Kana-P no Mori. so go there, be happy. O_______o;]
Interests:12: cats, egl, elegant gothic lolita, fashion, fashion design, green, murayama-san, pandas, peaches, red, red food coloring, white
Friends:18: ando_san, calmed_tears, candystripper, creamstrawberry, creative_master, crimsonsky, jrock_rpg, mana_hime, niimura_tooru, prettybutterfly, sang_et_larmes, stickyflower, winter_again, xhakueix, yuana, _akira_, _kami, _popisdead_
Friend of:13: amylano4eva, ando_san, calmed_tears, candystripper, creamstrawberry, creative_master, crimsonsky, his_ten_months, mana_hime, prettybutterfly, xhakueix, _akira_, _kami
Member of:1: jrock_rpg
Account type:Early Adopter

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