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User:kakatuwa (31718)
Name:The Last Chronicles
Website::: new journal ::
Yahoo! ID:selene_no_miko (Add User, Send Message)

*** Read Me ***

re-cy-cle (ri * sï ' kl) v.t. -cled, -cling

1. to put through a cycle again.
2. to use (a single supply as of water) repeatedly for different purposes.
3. to reprocess (used material, as paper) into a form of fresh use.

"All things go to waste."

RECYCLED - her journal, her life

Her name is Andrea. Actually, that's not her real name but you can also call her that because she wants to. Her friends would often call her by her real name but it i long. They also call her Kitsune, Selenea, mun, Hugs, Six,moon. She was born on the 5th of October 1985 making her a Libra in Western horoscope and an Ox in Chinese horoscope. If you could do the math, then you'll probably get her current age. Her place of birth is on the Philippines, a tropical country nestled in Southeast Asia and she a pure Filipino. She speaks two languages, mainly Filipino and English.

CERTIFIED JUNKIE - who she really is

At first glance, she may look a bit snobbish. But don't let her looks fool you. In truth, she is a caring and friendly person who would go many ways for her friends. She tends to be aloof sometimes because she likes to keep things to herself. She can also crack the corniest jokes around and laugh at small things. She never gives upand can bepersistent in getting what she wants. She has alimitless and crazy imagination and gets the wildest ideas on things. She is mostly impatient.

This girl is into visual arts. She can be usually seen drawing on her school notebooks instead of writing on them. She had taken up painting classes during some years of her life and will continue to do so. She can also well express herself through writing, hence this journal. She has a passion for cooking. If ever you are invited to her house, be prepared to eat yummy dishes. Now, she is studying on anything to do with computers.

WASTED - things she likes and likes more

"Andrea" is a fanatic which also means she insane. She likes Elijah Wood as an actor (especially as Frodo Baggins ) and had watched most of his movies. She likes reading. Among her favorite books and stories are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Vampire Chronicles, Message in a Bottle, and Harry Potter books. She wouldn't mind watching The Matrix, LotR: Fellowship of the Ring,The Lion King, and Patch Adams and over and over again. You could hear her listening to J.Lo, Eminem, P!nk, John Meyer, The Calling, Linkin Park, Michelle Branch, Incubus, and other rock, r&b, and rap artists. Another thing she likes most is anime. Right now, it is to many to mention but among her favorites is Chobits, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sailormoon, Card Captor Sakura, Ayashi no Ceres, Fushigi Yuugi and Dragon Ball series. She is also obsessed with Disney catoon movies. She had enjoyed Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Mulan and her favorite Disney character is Tigger. Someday, is she became a candidate like in Miss Congeniality, she too would ask for world peace.

DISCARDED - things she felt strongly against

Being generally a "positive" person, there are only a few big things that she hates. The first one would be unoriginality and intellectual robberies. (Andrea would like to take time to mention her teacher who her what intellectual robbery is). She doesn't like people with swinging moods. She finds clowns icky.

RUBBISH - randomness

  • She got the theme for her bio when she made the username /~recycled. It is an unused journal which she thinks of transferring.

  • She likes anything to do with chocolates. They meant something for her other than food: Twinkies, Crunch, Hersheys, Snickers, M&Ms, Milky Way & (Hugs)Kisses.

  • Her journal is friends only. She likes to know people who read her journal that's why she comments as much as possible.

  • "Andrea" is crazy with the color blue and the number six.

RECYCLING BIN - ready for reuse [cliques, adoptions, etc.]

Asian Pride :: Filipino ~*~*~ MUWAHAHA! ~*~*~ secret lover : Draco Malfoy ~*~*~ I believe in ¤ world peace ~*~*~ Frodo and Sam make me think yaoi thoughts ~*~*~ British accents are sexy.


I've claimed Sauron and Akasha @ villian_claims
I've claimed Frodo Baggins @ bookclaims
I've claimed Michelle Branch @ celebrityclaims

The WeatherPixie


Disclaimer: Please don't steal anything written here. I had spent time and effort coming up with this bio directly from Notepad. If you want something, don't hesitate to contact me through my journal and I'll gladly help you. Some graphics shown here doesn't belong to me.

© 2003,

Memories:3 entries
Interests:10: anime, anne rice, art, books, elijah wood, harry potter, j.r.r. tolkien, lord of the rings, music, vampires
Friends:62: 0verallz, acacia, anti_muggle, arashixchan, b3auty_qu33n, battah_suicide, berks, bimbette, bitterending, bondageseraph, call911idareyou, cami317, cdawgxox, cheshire_kitty, croft, csi, death_doll, emo, ethereal_waters, fatefully, fishbowl, grimm, grotesque, italianbellezza, kendi, kyupol, laluna, littlemissy, m0nstergirl, maxwellius, melay, mysticalfantasy, mywarhole, my_ey3s, offcenter, pyromaniac, realitybites, recycled, ruki, sakebi, sakura_, sanguinemirth, shesings, silverfoxie, snugglez, sometimesangel, stoicism, stormlightlilly, tears_remember, thallium, tornapart, tututhedork, uniquely_me, unreadable, un_doubted_07, upupandaway, velvet_wind, xanthophobia, xxxsprinklesxxx, _adorkible, _misty_, _plo_e
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