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User:kahla (46638)



My name is Kahla and I'm a 16 year old girl from northern Alabama. I have messy black hair, blue eyes, and skinny legs. I like music, art, and rain. I take care of a kid, her name is Kaitlin. She's like my daughter. I'm online a lot, and it's been that way since 6th grade. I made a website the very first day I had the internet. I am NOT a raver. I seriously don't know why people think I am, but I'm not. I'm bad at these profile things, really bad. so YES THATS IT HAVE A NICE DAY AND GOD BLESS. JESUS LOVES YOU AMEN.
Interests:53: !!!, air, art, assemblage 23, belle and sebastian, bikini kill, dance, drawing, dreads, dream theater, ebm, fiona apple, flesh field, funker vogt, go sailor, goteki, goth, green, indie rock, industrial, joan jett, kmfdm, kosheen, leather, love psychedelico, masters of the hemisphere, mdfmk, music, neuroticfish, ok go, painting, pixel art, pj harvey, pop, pvc, rainy days, rock, scarling, slowdive, smog, spiritualized, stereolab, synthetic hair, the azoic, the beatles, the cruxshadows, the cure, the great lakes, tori amos, twee, vinyl, x marks the pedwalk, zeromancer
Friends:35: 1986_, ashxx, blackbluesilver, bubba_cola, cinderellax, concrete_heart, crazeecharlee, dilirium, explorer, foozkeeper, krusteh, ladybg0016, loafer, loserxhead, mandabean, p3gurl, pilgrimage, prs24billy, seejaneflirt, shinsu, sinthirteen, squeezemymango, starscreams, tarhole, tiedieorange, underwear_whore, xanlok, xpinkxelephantx, xsugartwat, x_lila, _faker, _ohyes, _packrats, _pink_star_, _plo_e
Friend of:27: 1986_, ashxx, blackbluesilver, concrete_heart, dilirium, explorer, foozkeeper, gizmo, krusteh, ladiifresh, ladybg0016, loafer, loserxhead, mandabean, munky6korn, oitoy, p3gurl, pilgrimage, seejaneflirt, squeezemymango, tarhole, tiedieorange, underware_whore, underwear_whore, _ohyes, _pink_star_, _plo_e
Member of:3: egl, judge_lay0uts, _packrats
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